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Forsen beats xQc's Minecraft speedrun time with sub-23 minute record

In Forsen's latest Minecraft speedrun, the Twitch streamer has managed to crush xQc's time with a new personal record with a time below 23 minutes.
Forsen beats xQc's Minecraft speedrun time with sub-23 minute record

Twitch variety streamer Sebastian "Forsen" Fors and the illustrious Félix "xQc" Lengyel has been in a Minecraft speedrun battle for several months now, pushing one another to beat their records.

The pair of immensely popular streamers have continuously improved and while they are not close to the world record just yet, Forsen has recently posted a very impressive Minecraft speedrun, beating xQc with a time of fewer than 23 minutes.

Forsen beats xQc with new Minecraft speedrun

The Minecraft speedrun these Twitch streamers are attempting is, of course, to beat the Ender Dragon in the fastest way possible.

xQc previously posted a personal speedrun record of 24:05, quite an impressive run to say the least.

In a recent stream, Forsen had an even more impressive performance. Forsen managed to beat xQc's record, shaving off more than 1 minute.


Forsen's new personal best Minecraft speedrun record is 22 minutes and 56 seconds.

What makes this even more impressive is that Forsen apparently took a 1-minute bathroom break during the speedrun.

Reddit user BetaKeyTakeaway quickly posted an infographic of Forsen's new Minecraft speedrun record, which you can view below.

Forsen xQc minecraft speedrun record(Picture: BetaKeyTakeaway)

At the end of the speedrun, Forsen clapped his hands and said: "So easy man, it's so easy. You guys actually think I would lose to juice [xQc]. Really, you are f$%king delusional, delusional."

While neither Forsen nor xQc will likely ever beat the Minecraft speedrun World Record which sits just below the 13-minute mark, these runs are still extremely impressive.

Forsen has managed to get into the top 300 best Minecraft speedruns (any%) and continues to improve.

Congratulations go out to Forsen for his highly impressive run. Now, we await xQc's response to Forsen's new record...