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Minecraft Streamer Breaks Game After Hitting 32 Million Blocks

What would you do with 2500 hours? This streamer journeyed across 32 million blocks and broke Minecraft after reaching the end of the world.
Minecraft Streamer Breaks Game After Hitting 32 Million Blocks

Minecraft streamer, MysticalMidget traveled across 32 million blocks for 2500 hours to reach the farlands. His final few steps in his journey toward the end caused Minecraft to break.

On July 10, 2022, a Minecraft legend was formed after the streamer managed to reach the game’s edge and cause the game to crash on itself. Running the game on an earlier version of Minecraft, Beta 1.7, Mystical Midget spent countless hours traversing through the terrain every day and finally made it.

Minecraft Streamer Journeys Across 32 Million Blocks

Minecraft cover art
Minecraft's one of the biggest sandbox, adventure games in the world. (Picture: Mojang)

If you had ten hours a day, would you spend over a year and almost every single day playing Minecraft with the sole reason to travel across the land and water to reach the end? No? Well, this streamer had an unparalleled and unwavering determination to accomplish a goal most wouldn’t tackle.

Twitch streamer, MysticalMidget spent over 420 days traversing 32 million blocks in Minecraft to make it to the farlands.


In older versions of Minecraft’s endless survival mode, the farlands are the area where the game fails to generate blocks. Instead, ghost blocks comprise most of the staggering terrains. 

Ghost blocks look like regular ones but don’t have any integrity, so you’ll fall straight through them. You usually make it to the farlands within 30-32 million blocks of playing Minecraft’s older version.

In MysticalMidget’s recent stream, he finally makes it to the farlands and travels through it. As he continues traversing in the clip below, the game’s frames move ever-so-slowly, showing his progression almost as if it was like a slideshow.

Minecraft streamer makes it through 32 million blocks
It's extremely hard to make it to the farlands manually, without any cheats. Some people have been traveling almost ten years, and are still doing it. (Picture: MysticalMidget)

After reaching far enough, the streamer faces the famous ghost blocks, engulfed, and falls into the barren pit of nothingness. Shocked, MysticalMidget screams in despair and tries to eat bread, hoping to regain health, but it’s too late.

The streamer’s 2500-hour journey ends in a quick, merciless death after falling off the edge of Minecraft and breaking the game. In absolute awe, MysticalMidget takes a step away from the computer, his friends cheer him on, and the Twitch chat goes absolutely wild with almost every comment stating they were there for the legendary moment.

MysticalMidget eventually says “goodbye” to Minecraft Beta 1.7 and starts playing the newer version of the game.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to recreate this in Minecraft nowadays, the farlands have been replaced by a barrier in newer versions. You can only replicate his journey by playing older versions. 

But prepare for a year of endless peril and determination because MysticalMidget took ten hours a day, amounting to over a year to reach the farlands. It might take a decade to accomplish this feat for those with less time.

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Featured image via Mojang.