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Arena Breakout - Global Release Date, Pre-Register, Gameplay, And More

Arena Breakout is a new survival first-person shooter game for Android and iOS. Here's when it releases, gameplay, and pre-registration info.
Arena Breakout - Global Release Date, Pre-Register, Gameplay, And More

Arena Breakout is a hardcore survival shooter mobile game developed by Morefun Studios and published by Tencent Games for Android and iOS devices. The game was first unveiled at ChinaJoy in 2021 and sees players enter a deadly battlefield, assuming the role of a virtual soldier as they navigate the large open map and try to stay alive.

Despite releasing exclusively for China in July this year, many eager gamers worldwide patiently await Arena Breakout's global release. Here's everything you need to know about this intense mobile game, including Arena Breakout's release date, gameplay, features, how to pre-register, and more.

Arena Breakout - Release Date and Regions

Arena Breakout opened its first round of beta tests on 12th August 2021, exclusively for China. The game later went live on 13th July 2022 but is still only accessible to Chinese users. Although Arena Breakout is expected to release internationally with an English version, its global release date is unknown at the time of writing. 

There also isn't much information available regarding the global release version of Arena Breakout. However, you can watch the official cinematic trailer for the international version for an idea of what you can expect.

Arena Breakout - How To Pre-Register

Players interested in playing Arena Breakout (global) can pre-register via the Tap Tap website. Alternatively, eager players can download the Chinese version of Arena Breakout via the official website for free.

Note: The Chinese version of Arena Breakout is entirely in Mandarin with no other language options. Also, while you can successfully download Arena Breakout (CN), you may require a Chinese national ID number, QQ, or WeChat account to log in and play.

Arena Breakout - Gameplay and Features

Based on the readily available gameplay footage of Arena Breakout's Chinese version, many players have compared it to a mobile version of Escape from Tarkov. Accordingly, the game will see you looting for weapons and supplies as you attempt to evacuate the Dark Zone.

arena breakout gameplay features
Arena Breakout offers a truly unique mobile gaming experience. (Picture: Tencent Games)

Before entering the battlefield, players must choose their entry equipment to determine their combat power. Each choice will matter to players' chance of survival. During the battle, players must collect valuable materials and fight enemy players, robbing them of their loot while trying to evacuate the Dark Zone with their supplies.

Successfully making it out of the Dark Zone is paramount, awarding players with wealth to assemble better accessories, firearms, and equipment for future challenges. Additionally, players can customize their gear, thanks to loads of bolt accessories, bullet options, and more.

arena breakout release date gameplay pre-register
Attempt to escape the Dark Zone in Arena Breakout. (Picture: Tencent Games)

Beyond this, every player must be wary of their character's twelve physical status effects, including hunger, pain, injury, and more. And that's everything we know about Arena Breakout at this time. You can check out the gameplay of Arena Breakout in the embedded video below.

Important: Please note we experienced difficulty compiling all the information in this article since nearly all available information was in Mandarin; as a result, there might be some inaccuracies. We will endeavor to update the information as more information is known.

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Featured image courtesy of Tencent Games.