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How To Get Sacred Shards Raid Shadow Legends

Summon the most powerful champions with our guide on how to get free Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends.
How To Get Sacred Shards Raid Shadow Legends

For any player of Raid: Shadow Legends, there are many useful items in the game that you can use to give yourself an advantage. One of these is the use of Sacred shards to give you the best summoning rates, but how do you acquire these Shards and how do you ensure you're getting as many of them as possible?

Well luckily, we have you covered as we'll be going over some of the best ways to get Sacred Shards in Raid: Shadow Legends. And some other useful tips along the way.

How To Get Sacred Shards In Raid: Shadow Legends

Sacred Shards as mentioned before, are much rarer than other shards in Raid: Shadow Legends such as the Void Shards. As they provide you with a higher summoning rate, which also makes them a lot more valuable.

This ultimately means it's far harder to come by them in the early game than in the late game and once you reach the late game, you can earn roughly 13 Sacred Shards a month if you're dedicated enough.

Daily New Player Login

How To Get Sacred Shards In Raid Shadow Legends Daily login Rewards
After reaching a specific daily login quota, you will receive a Sacred Shard. (Picture: Plarium Global)

Logging into Raid: Shadow Legends every day after creating your profile is vital to receiving free rewards and items every day. And starting from day 78, you will receive a daily login reward of a free Sacred Shard and once the daily login system is capped, it repeats itself, with you now receiving a Sacred Shard once a month if you claim your rewards daily.

Progression rewards

These are rewards that you gain after the account reaches a certain level, specifically after reaching level 60 you can claim a Sacred Shard through this system, and once you reach Level 100, you can claim another one. This all can be accessed through the menu on the left side of your screen.

Star rewards

How To Get Sacred Shards In Raid Shadow Legends Faction Wars
Competing in the faction Wars can also reward you with Sacred Shards. (Picture: Plarium Global)

Star Rewards are rewards that you can claim once you’ve collected a certain amount of stars in either Normal, Hard, Brutal, or Nightmare mode of the Campaign or Faction Wars. In the Campaign, you can collect Sacred Shards once you've reached 252 stars in any difficulty, and 655 stars in the Fraction Wars.

Mission milestones

After completing a specific number of missions you will reach a mission milestone and can claim free Sacred Shards. The first mission milestone you need to complete to get a Sacred Shard is the second one, which requires you to complete 151 missions in the game.

Monthly quests

Completing all five of your monthly quests allows you to claim one Sacred Shard, and the longest this can take is roughly a month since one of the monthly quests is to complete your daily quests. These monthly quests don't reset, so if you only do four for that month, you can complete the fifth one in the new month and complete another 5 at your leisure.

Dungeon challenges

These are challenges that are specifically related to dungeon objectives and, upon completing all the dungeon-related quests for the part you're currently on, will net you one Sacred Shard. And once you reach part 5 of the dungeon challenges, the reward for completing that part is another Sacred Shard. 


If a player gives you a referral link, you can gain a Sacred Shard once they reach level 60 in Raid: Shadow Legends. This can take a bit of time, but it's a good investment for the future as you can rely on receiving the Shar if you know the referral player is making his way up the ranks.

Though some players can find it difficult to find reliable referrals who are actively trying to reach level 60. So one option some players have to take is to create an alt account and refer a link to themselves and grind to level 60 to receive the rewards.

Events and Tournaments

For the more experienced players, partaking in events and tournaments can award you with some Sacred Shards as rewards for completing them. Though not all of them will reward you with the Sacred Shards 100% of the time, it's worth keeping your eye on the events available to be aware of when they do, and for newer players to grab some neat rewards at the lower levels. 

Arbiter Missions and Challenges

For newer players, doing these optional missions are a great way to get some great resources and items, with Void Shards being a part of the reward pool. These tasks aren't particularly difficult, so all players will be able to do them and claim the rewards they dish out.

Doom Tower

How To Get Sacred Shards In Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower
Getting to the higher tiers of the Doom Tower can reward you with a Sacred Shard. (Picture: Plarium Global)

The Doom Tower is unlocked at level 40 and is more for late-game players as the requirement to get Sacred Shards from it is to complete it on hard mode. This will see you getting one Sacred Shard randomly as you progress and one final Shard at the end of the Tower after completing the final level.

Clan Bosses

Players can compete in clan battles against various bosses throughout the day. Completing any of these bosses on either Nightmare or Ultra Nightmare modes and dealing enough damage to the boss will reward you with a chest that has a chance to drop a Sacred Shard for your efforts.

This will require not only you but also your clan to be quite powerful and high level as you compete in these clan boss fights. So as before, this is recommended more for late-game players.

Tag Team Arena

How To Get Sacred Shards In Raid Shadow Legends Tag Team Arena
Competing in the Platinum tier of the Arena can reward you with Sacred Shards. (Picture: Plarium Global)

When participating in the Raid: Shadow Legends Arena you can obtain Sacred Shards when you receive the Platinum Arena Chest. This can be done by reaching the Platinum tier of the arena and requires a high-level character to reach, so as before, this is more for seasoned players.

You can also purchase some Sacred Shards from the Bazaar in the Tag Team Arena once you reach the Gold Tier. Which is a good alternative for when you need a quick Shard.

Spending Money on Packs

Last but not least, you have the option of dropping cash on packs in the store to get more Sacred Shards. Most of these packs contain Sacred Shards, but be aware that these packs are often not very useful as the Sacred Shard constitutes most of the value of the pack, so this should be considered only when necessary.

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Featured image courtesy of Plarium Global.