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Blue Archive Crafting Guide - Priority, Material, Nodes

Here's everything to know about the Blue Archive crafting system, including which items to prioritize, how to get materials, and what Nodes are.
Blue Archive Crafting Guide - Priority, Material, Nodes

Blue Archive is a popular mobile RPG, released in February 2022 by Nexon Games. Featured in our list of the best gacha games for Android and iOS, Blue Archive will see players assume the role of an advisor, assisting students in Kivotos with their daily lives and building relationships with them. 

Our previous guide covered the best characters in Blue Archive. So in this guide, we’ll detail more about the game's intricate crafting system, including how it works, the highest priority items, how to get materials, and everything to know about Nodes.

How To Craft In Blue Archive

how to craft blue archive crafting chamber items list
Players can only use the Crafting Chamber after completing Mission 3, Act 2. (Picture: YouTube / XagusGaming)

To craft in Blue Archive, players must use the Crafting Chamber, located in the Sanctum Tower in Kivotos. Notably, this feature is only accessible to players after clearing Mission 3-2: Minami District Black Market.

The Crafting Chamber can produce a slew of items and skills, which players can use to keep their students happy. For example, they can craft Furniture for cafes or random items as gifts. Here are some other items available for crafting via the Crafting Chamber in Blue Archive:

  • EX- Skill Disk or Tactical Education Blu-ray Disk: This growth material increases a student's skill. Players can only use each disk on the student from that particular school type.  

  • Technical Notes: This is similar to Blu-ray disks; they are growth materials that increase students' basic skills.

  • Student Reports: Players can use these to increase characters' EXP.

  • Skill Materials or OOPARTS: This growth material will increase students' skills.


keystones crafting chamber blue archive
Collect Keystones to operate the Crafting Chamber. (Picture: YouTube / XagusGaming)

Next, players must gather the required materials to begin crafting in Blue Archive. This involves collecting Keystones and Lesser Keystones.

Keystones can be obtained from Daily and Weekly Missions, Total Assult, and Event Rewards. They can also be purchased in-game with real money; however, not all packages contain Keystones, so it's best to check them before purchasing.

On the other hand, Lesser Keystones can be obtained through Recruitment Points; players can convert these points into Keystone Pieces. 

Blue Archive - Unlocking Nodes And Priority Items

In the Crafting Chamber, there will be three slots in players' Crafting List. Note that different rarity items will require different times to complete the craft, as indicated below:

  • Beginner Material: 30 minutes

  • Intermediate Material: 1.5 hours

  • Advanced Material: 3 hours

  • Superlative Material: 6 hours

As a bonus, if players don’t want to wait out the crafting times, they can instantly use a Craft Chamber Booster Ticket to complete their craft. 


However, before they can craft items, players must unlock Nodes. These will essentially become the items they are trying to make. There are two categories of Crafting Nodes: Primary and Secondary.

nodes blue archive
First, fill the blue outer ring with Keystone to get the 1st Unlock. (Picture: Youtube / XagusGaming)

The Primary Node enables players to choose the product they want to create. Once crafting begins, players must select the Keystones they wish to use. 1 Keystone or 10 Lesser Keystones are required to fill the first Node ring.

Once the Blue outer ring is filled, players will get the 1st Unlock. Next, they can fill the inner second ring using 4 Keystones or 40 Lesser Keystones. 

nodes blue archive
Once the Node is full, it will turn yellow, and you can unlock it a second time. (Picture: Youtube / XagusGaming.)

Once they have unlocked it for the second time, it will open a Sub-Node. Players can then select which Node they want to create with the item it will produce. There are 11 Sub-Node categories they can make.

The next category is the Secondary Node, which allows players to filter the Sub-Node categories; they make it easier to get the desired product. For example, if you’d like to make Furniture, you can filter the Secondary Node to make products such as a Chair or Wall Decoration; however, this will require additional material.

sub nodes blue archive
Select the Sub-Node with the item you want to create. (Picture: Youtube / XagusGaming)

A Golden Node can also appear in both Primary and Secondary Nodes if players use 5 Keystones or 50 Keystone pieces within the Primary Node and 10 Keystone and 100 Keystone pieces in the Secondary Node.

However, using this option may not be worthwhile as it requires a slew of resources, and the items created are RNG. Still, it will increase the rate of producing an item of the highest quality.

Priority Items

With that said, players will want to know which items are most important to craft. The main premise of Blue Archive is building relationships and bonds with students. This is achieved by providing students maximum comfort by crafting an assortment of items for amusement.

  • 1st Highest Priority: Colorful and Copper Categories  (only until max comfort is reached)

  • 2nd Highest Priority: Flower and Radiant Categories 

  • Medium Priority: Gold, Platinum, and Shiny Categories 

  • Lowest Priority: Subtle, Brilliant, Metal, and Silver Categories 

And that concludes our crafting guide for Blue Archive. 

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Featured image courtesy of Nexon Company