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Epic Seven Patch Notes (October 27): All New Content & Changes

The most recent Epic Seven Patch Preview has just dropped! Here's everything that is coming to the game!
Epic Seven Patch Notes (October 27): All New Content & Changes

The most recent patch preview for the mobile game Epic Seven was just revealed, and with it, tons of new characters, new skins, gameplay updates, and more were revealed to players.

In this article, we'll be covering all the new content that is set to hit Epic Seven in the upcoming patch, as well as content that will be coming in the near future. 


Epic Seven Patch Preview - October 26

Epic Seven
Hurry up and make an Epic Seven anime Smilegate! (Picture: Smilegate)

The Here's the Thing w/ Mashuu patch preview was just broadcast and revealed tons of exciting new content on the way to Epic Seven. Unlike most recent streams, this was a whopping 45m long video.

We'll break down everything that was covered but feel free to watch the full preview here.


Unforgettable Memories Campaign 

Epic Seven
Make sure to grab a FREE Moonlight 5-Star before it is too late (Picture: Smilegate)

First on the docket is that the newest patch is coming Unforgettable Memories campaign. This comes with the following rewards:

  • Check-in Event
  • 70 Free Summon Event
  • Buff Event
  • 6* Promotion Check-In Event
  • 5* Moonlight Hero Recruitment Event
  • Arky's 7-Day Growth Guide

The most exciting piece of content coming from this is the second-ever free 5-star Moonlight selector. Players could choose between the starting set of Moonlight Heroes for their connection, but this new selector that can be earned by completing daily missions will allow you to grab any Moonlight 5-star you want (aside from Astromancer Elena and Commander Pavel)!


New Side Story - A Fable Of The Demons Of Natalon

Epic Seven
The new Side Story comes with tons of free goodies (Picture: Smilegate)

The brand-new Halloween side story will be coming to the game along with a cinematic animation that you can check out here. 

Players will be able to acquire the new Artifact "Seal of Capture" by playing through the side story. 


New Characters - Arunka

Epic Seven Arunka
"Green Hwayoung" has arrived!

Arunka has been revealed as the next banner unit. Players can check out the full breakdown of her skills and abilities below.

Arunka looks to be incredibly powerful, blending abilities from Hwayoung and Operator Sigret. It's funny to think that after Hwayoung received so much hate to the point she was nerfed, Smilegate would release "Green Hwayoung" less than a week after! Still, if you want a powerful single-target DPS that takes advantage of barriers, Arunka is your girl. Her stocks go up considerably when we look at the new Equipment Sets as well. Players will be able to pick up Arunka and her new Artifact "Sword of Autumn Eclipse" from November 3.


New Skins - 2022 E7WC Choux

Epic Seven
The new Choux skin looks adorable! (Picture: Smilegate)

Next up, we have the new Choux skin that was chosen by the winner of the E7WC 2022. For those unaware, the winner of this tournament was allowed to select one unit to receive a new skin, and this player chose Choux. 

The skin is set to be released sometime in November, with no confirmed date as of yet. 


Gameplay Updates - New Quality Of Life Features

Epic Seven
Get ready to start farming Golem again! (Picture: Smilegate)

Aside from the new content, tons of updates are on their way to the game. These include:

  • Background Battling
  • New Equipment Sets (Protection Set and Torrent Set)
  • Battle Rule Improvements
  • Equipment Set Effect improvements (Unity Set)
  • Labyrinth Improvements
  • Reward Chest and Goblin Gates improved
  • Adventure difficulty lowered
  • Custom Group Summon Limited Campaign 
  • Next banners & Coin Shop rotations were refreshed.

Additionally, the previously announced October balance adjustments (as well as the Hwayoung nerf) are coming. This will affect the following Heroes.

  • Hwayoung
  • Remnant Violet
  • Top Model Luluca
  • Pirate Captain Flan
  • Vildred
  • Zahhak
  • Luluca
  • Bad Cat Armin
  • Jena

And that's all. For related game content, check out our section dedicated to mobile game news, guides, tips, leaks, and much more.

Featured image courtesy of Smilegate.