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Garena Free Fire server downtime - What you need to know

Garena Free Fire will have a 9-hour server downtime for maintenance to improve the gameplay experience for everyone
With Garena Free Fire being one of the most popular mobile esports in the world right now, the developers need to upgrade and increase their server capacity.

This is why a Garena Free Fire server downtime for maintenance has been announced. The Garena Free Fire server maintenance will last nine hours.


Garena Free Fire server downtime


The Garena Free Fire server downtime will happen on 7th May 2020, and it's a long one. The server maintenance will last for nine hours, from 12:30 to 21:30 UK time (GMT+1). 

garena free fire server downtime maintenance
Free Fire server downtime notification (Picture: 111Dots Studio)

This lengthy Garena Free Fire server downtime is to increase server capacity, and upgrade the servers to accommodate the hundreds of millions of players.

111Dots Studio explains: 

"As the number of players increase, we have found a need to upgrade and increase our server to provide a better and smoother gameplay experience for everyone!"

In the in-game announcement, the developer made it clear this isn't a content update. However, you can expect something new when the servers start up again.

This could be a server-side update to enable Clash Squad in Kalahari casual mode, as well as price adjustments for weapons, and changes to play zone damage. 

At the time of writing, no exact details on the adjustments have been announced, so we will have to wait until 7th May 2020 at 21:30 GMT+1 to find out.

This Garena Free Fire server downtime could very well see tonnes of players flood to PUBG Mobile, which is also getting a massive update on the same day. However, there won't be any server downtime in PUBG Mobile. 

While you wait for the Garena Free Fire server maintenance to complete, why not check out our Lockdown series of videos.

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