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MARVEL Future Revolution: Release date, story, gameplay, heroes and more

What we know so far about the upcoming mobile title, MARVEL Future Revolution, from the exact release date, to the heroes you will be playing with, the gameplay, story and more.

From the global mobile game publisher, Netmarble Corp. and Marvel Entertainment come an exciting new game: MARVEL Future Revolution. For anyone who loves Marvel, and doesn't mind playing a game on their mobile device, MARVEL Future Revolution looks like an exciting prospect. It's an open-world action RPG featuring our favourite comic book and MCU heroes, and if you want to know more, we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about MARVEL Future Revolution, from its release date and platforms to the story, gameplay, starting heroes and more.

MARVEL Future Revolution: Release date & platforms

MARVEL Future Revolution has a global release date of 25th August 2021. The exact release time is currently unknown.

Marvel future revolution release date platforms story gameplay heroes
(Picture: MARVEL / Netmarbel Corp.)

We also know that the game will release on both Android and iOS devices, and you can put your wallet away right now. MARVEL Future Revolution will be free-to-play!

The story of MARVEL Future Revolution

Inspired by decades of Marvel storytelling, the MARVEL Future Revolution story is completely original. It features a wide variety of fan-favourite characters from comic book lore, including heroes, villains and more. 

Marvel future revolution release date platforms story gameplay heroes
(Picture: MARVEL / Netmarbel Corp.)

Let's get right into the story premise. If you've watched the Loki show on Disney+, you might have a good idea of what the multiverse is, just by the way.

The story synopsis reads: "MARVEL Future Revolution begins when numerous Earths from across the Multiverse converge to form an entirely new ‘Primary Earth’ filled with many missions across unique zones: the high-tech New Stark City, the dangerous Hydra Empire, the wild and rugged Sakaar, and many more.

"As agents of the newly formed ‘Omega Flight’ Super Hero team, players will work together to battle an onslaught of Super Villains and defend the ‘Primary Earth’ from a never-ending series of threats."

If you've been a Marvel fan for some time, you might have just gotten nerd chills while watching the video above, just like we did.

MARVEL Future Revolution gameplay

The gameplay in MARVEL Future Revolution looks incredible and highly diverse. This is an open-world action RPG, where players control superheroes and their respective powers. 

The action-packed combat will take place across six unique regions filled with NPCs, bosses, and content to explore. This is all a co-op experience as well, so you can bring friends along for your heroic ride.

Marvel future revolution release date platforms story gameplay heroes
(Picture: MARVEL / Netmarbel Corp.)

In terms of gameplay, there will also be an array of game modes, with the following being confirmed so far:

  • Blitz - A battle between a four-person team and the most iconic Marvel Super-Villains!
  • Special Operations - Super Hero duties ranging from civilian rescue to defence. Who is the better Super Hero?
  • Raid - Real-time raids with powerful Marvel characters! Work together and defeat the target!
  • Omega War - A clash of transdimensional Super Heroes! Who will lead their team to victory?
  • Dimensional Duel - The battle begins. Test your strength. Even a split-second decision can determine the outcome of the battle. Become the strongest hero!

You can learn a whole lot about MARVEL Future Revolution's gameplay by checking out the latest video from the developers:

Players will also be able to kit out their heroes with an extensive collection of iconic costumes from the Marvel Universe. How extensive? Well, a press release notes that there is a "tremendous selection of more than 400 million costume combinations per hero from which to choose."

Marvel future revolution release date platforms story gameplay heroes
(Picture: MARVEL / Netmarbel Corp.)

This brings us to the next section, the heroes players will be saving the multiverse with.

MARVEL Future Revolution: The Heroes

At launch, a total of eight Marvel heroes will be available to play with. There's even an X-Men hero thrown into the mix, and the likes of Dr Strange and Spider-Man is sure to get fans extremely excited.

Marvel future revolution release date platforms story gameplay heroes
(Picture: MARVEL / Netmarbel Corp.)

These heroes need no introduction. Instead, we will let you take a look at each of the heroes in MARVEL Future Revolution below, via introduction videos featuring awesome gameplay.


Captain America:

Iron Man:



Black Widow:

Captain Marvel:

The only one missing here is Doctor Strange, with a character video expected to release on 7th August 2021.

Without a doubt, MARVEL Future Revolution looks, well, like a revolutionary mobile title we can't wait to play.

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