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Project Evo - How To Pre-Register, Rewards, More

Project Evo is a first-ever mobile survival game developed on Unreal Engine 5, and here are the complete steps to Pre-Register, and How To earn Rewards.
Project Evo - How To Pre-Register, Rewards, More

Project Evo is one of the most hyped mobile games in 2022 and is a first-ever survival mobile game developed on the Unreal Engine 5. The story revolves around a place called the Emberland, and your only task is to survive to the very end. Looking at the teasers and the screenshots released by the game's developers, the game looks like a high-end AAA title.

According to Laser Edge Studios, Project Evo will be a free-to-play and skill-based game, and there won't be any purchasable advantage to the game as they want to make sure the game experience should be equal for everyone. 

The developers of Project Evo have announced that the game will be released in 2022. However, the Alpha testing of the game has started, and interested players can pre-register for the game and earn some exclusive rewards as well.

If you are excited to experience the new upcoming survival game, here are the complete details.

How To Pre-Register for Project Evo?

Project Evo Pre-Registration Sign-Up Page
Project Evo Pre-Registration Sign-Up Page. (Picture: Laser Edge Studios)

As mentioned, Project Evo is currently under Alpha Testing Phase, but pre-registrations have already started for the game's official launch.


Here are the steps to sign up for the pre-registration:

  1. Go to the official Project Evo website here.
  2. Click on the Pre-Register Now button.
  3. Fill up your email address, then read and accept the privacy policy.
  4. Voila, you have successfully pre-registered for Project Evo.
  5. Once the game is available, you will be notified in your email.

How to get rewards for Pre-Registration?

Rewards for Project Evo Pre-Registration.
Rewards for Project Evo Pre-Registration. (Picture: Laser Edge Studios)

If you are pre-registering for the official release of Project Evo, the developers have decided you to treat with rewards. You will receive a redemption code after the game's launch on your registered email ID and then redeem it to receive the rewards.

Here is the list of all the rewards for Pre-Registration:

  • Exclusive Avatar frame for beta testers.
  • Supernova Steel Axe
  • Supernove Steel Pickaxe

There isn't any specific launch date yet revealed by the developers; however, we will make sure to update you once we get our hands on the latest information.

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Featured image courtesy of Laser Edge Studios