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How To Level Up Faster In Raid Shadow Legends

Here are some of the best tips you can use to level up faster and reach max level in Raid Shadow Legends.
How To Level Up Faster In Raid Shadow Legends

When it comes to the fastest way to level in Raid Shadow Legends, you have various routes that you can take to do so. Along with different aspects that need your attention, it can become quite a challenge to know where to start.

But luckily, you won't have to take on this challenge blind, as we will be giving you everything you need to know in our raid shadow legends leveling guide. From the fastest way to level up champions to knowing how best to rank up in Raid Shadow Legends, we have all this for you and more below.

How To Level Up Faster In Raid Shadow Legends

How To Level Up Faster In Raid Shadow Legends Go from weakest to powerful six star characters
Follow our tips and tricks below to take your champions to the highest level possible. (Picture: Plarium Global)

When it comes to knowing how to level up fast in Raid Shadow Legends, you have a few options available, but the best would be to focus on leveling your champions and your Account. This will ultimately be the fastest way to level up as you will earn tons of XP with your Champion but when your account is leveled you also earn some great benefits.

Below we have put together the best tips and tricks for leveling up both your Champion and your Account. Giving you a comprehensive power leveling guide to help you level up quickly in Raid Shadow Legends.

Best way to level Champions in raid shadow legends

The fastest way to level up champions in Raid Shadow Legends for beginners and players starting their farming of XP is through the main campaign. This can be played in Normal, Hard, and Brutal mode, giving you more XP the harder difficulties you play.

How To Level Up Faster In Raid Shadow Legends Playing the campiagn
Playing the campaign is one of the fastest and most repeatable ways to quickly earn XP. (Picture: Plarium Global)

Beginners should play through the campaign at least once to gain tons of XP and after that, they and more seasoned players can replay the missions to get some XP as they can be repeated, and some missions grant you more XP than others.

The Campaign contains 12 chapters to play through, with each Chapter containing seven stages. It's been agreed on by players that the fastest way to level up champions in the raid shadow legends campaign is to focus on farming stage 6 of each chapter, especially chapter 12's sixth stage.

How To Level Up Faster In Raid Shadow Legends Character set up and team setup
Using a main champion with three other "food" champions is the most effective way to farm XP in the game. (Picture: Plarium Global)

Doing this repeatedly will see your characters start to reach max level quite quickly and max out. From here, we recommend setting up a team with one Champion at the max character level and three champions you still want to max out, called "food" champions.

This will give you the best chance at leveling any champion quickly, as one champion can do the heavy lifting, while the other three are the food champions you want to level or sacrifice. These Campaigns also reward you with Mystery Shards that you can use to roll for more champions, whether they are food champions or good ones, they can still be useful.

There are also some specific challenges and tasks that you can do to level up quickly in Raid Shadow Legends. Specifically, the Mononaurs Labyrinth and the Dragon's Lair are extremely useful spots for farming XP and some other useful items.

The Minotaur's Labyrinth not only gets you a ton of XP for your party, but you can also get Mastery Scrolls. These help boost your champion's combat prowess, and with enough XP farming, you easily get your champion to level 40, and maybe level 45 if you're lucky, and while this might not seem like a lot, it's a much faster way than repeating the campaign over and over.

How To Level Up Faster In Raid Shadow Legends Other areas like the Minotaur's Labrynth
Farming challenges like the Minotaur's Labyrinth and the Dragons Lair can also give you tons of XP and a few items. (Picture: Plarium Global)

Then you can also do the Dragon's Lair's stage 20, which grants you tons of XP especially if you have an auto clicker set up, this can all be done overnight. So by the time you wake up, your characters will have amassed quite a large sum of XP between your party.

Finally, an important part of leveling your characters is knowing how to rank up your champions in Raid Shadow Legends. The way this works is that you sacrifice some of your food champions (which you'll likely have in spades at this point) to rank up your main champion or any other champion you wish.

How To Level Up Faster In Raid Shadow Legends Ranking up your character at the Tavern
Use the Tavern to sacrifice "food" champions and rank up your main champions. (Picture: Plarium Global)

The system is fairly simple to understand, you need to sacrifice three champions of a certain star level, i.e three four-star champions, to push another four-star champion to a five-star rating. And this works for every star rating in the game below a six-star, which requires five five-star champions and not three.

To level any champion to a higher star ranking, follow these steps:

  1. Farm and max out your food champions.

  2. Go to the Tavern.

  3. Select the “Upgrade Level” tab.

  4. Choose any food champions with the same number of stars as the one you want to upgrade ranks.

  5. Spend Silver to upgrade the champion.

  6. The champion will consume your food champions and go back to Level One.

  7. Repeat as necessary.

Alternatively, you can also use Chickens as a replacement for a champion that you're missing as a sacrifice. So you can use two three-star champions and one chicken to push the champion to a four-star rating, and this works for any star rating as well.

Level your Account in Raid Shadow Legends

The best way to level your Account in Raid Shadow Legends is a fairly automated process, as you simply need to follow the advice given above. Farming XP, champions, and items, all level up your Account, and having a high-level account is going to be the best way to level faster and more efficiently raid shadow legends.

How To Level Up Faster In Raid Shadow Legends Level up your account
Levelling your Account can also make gaining XP easier and give you more time to grind levels. (Picture: Plarium Global)

Having a high account level gives you perks such as:

  • Higher Energy Capacity - The more energy you have, the more you can grind and level your champions.

  • Access to more Content and Game modes - More content mods give you various challenges and avenues to take when grinding for XP such as the Dragon's Lair and Minotaurs Labyrinth.

  • More Rewards - Getting rewards such as Gems, Shards, and Silver all contribute towards your overall level, as you can roll for more champions, gain advantages in battle and replenish your resources.

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Featured image courtesy of Plarium Global.