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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Bow Build And Skills

Ranged weapons like the Bow are at the top of the meta in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Here's the best build and skills for it.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Bow Build And Skills

Bow users are having a field day in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak because of how powerful the ranged weapons are in the current meta. But like any class within Monster Hunter, you'll need the best Bow build to take down the most dangerous monsters effectively.

Sunbreak is full of armor sets with various skills, so the range of builds is massive in the expansion. However, players can follow guidelines for some of the most effective armor pieces, Decorations, and general skills. It may take some time to get all the necessary equipment, but the effort is worth the damage.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Best Bow Build

Bow Build
The Bow is one of the current S-Tier weapons in Sunbreak. (Picture: Capcom)

Like the best Dual Blades build, the best Bow builds can get some huge benefits by focusing on Elemental-based attacks. For example, in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Elemental Damage, in general, was given a buff, and skills such as Critical Element made attacks like Fire and or Water far more lucrative.

On top of the Critical Element attacks, you'll still want to focus much of the Bow build on basics such as Weakness Exploits and Constitution. These are basics that can help on any build, and depending on which armor pieces you have at your disposal, you'll need to prioritize at least a few levels in each. Below you will find a full set that you can go after, along with some extra pieces you can consider swapping in.

  • Mighty Bow Feather Helm - Bow Charge Plus Lvl 1.
  • Zinogre Mail X Chest - Latent Power Lvl 1, Thunder Attack Lvl 2, and Weakness Exploit Lvl 2.
  • Zinogre Braces X - Constitution Lvl 2, Critical Element Lvl 1, and Latent Power Lvl 1.
  • Remobra Belt X - Critical Element Lvl 2, Poison Resistance Lvl 1.
  • Ingot Greaves X - Attack Boost Lvl 2, Critical Eye Lvl 2. 
  • Talisman - Weakness Exploit Lvl 2 or Constitution Lvl 2.
  • Bow Options - Rosenbogen Fire Bow, Frostmoon Crescentbow Ice, Elysian Manna Water, or the Herald's Battlebow.
  • Additional armor - Anjanath Coil X, Archfiend Armor set, Barroth Armor set.

These armor options are a fantastic basis for a build as you reach the later Master Ranks in the Sunbreak expansion. The additional options are great for those who are looking for economic or early game selections, but you'll always want to build towards something better.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Best Skills For Bow Build

Silkbind Attack
Silkbinds and Decorations can make a massive difference in a build. (Picture: Capcom)

Getting hold of Decorations can be difficult in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Regardless, they are a staple for any Hunter, including the Bow build in this scenario. Because it's so difficult to unlock all the Decorations you need, it can be beneficial to know what skills are the most important.

With the right skills in mind, you can swap out armor and Decorations to reach the stat boosts you need. In the list below, you will find all the main skills for the best Bow build.

  • Bow Charge Plus Lvl 1
  • Weakness Exploit Lvl 3
  • Elemental Attack Lvl 5
  • Critical Element Lvl 5
  • Attack Boost Lvl 1-5
  • Critical Eye Lvl 1-5
  • Constitution Lvl 2-4
  • Critical Boost Lvl 3
  • Latent Power Lvl 2

Pair these skills with the right Silkbind Attacks, such as Boost Bolt, Butcher's Bind, or Focused Shot. Finish that loadout with the Stake Thrust combo attack, and your Bow build will be good to go against some of the tougher monsters within Master Rank. With just a bit more practice, you'll have Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak ranged weapons mastered.

And that's all. For more on the game and the franchise, check out our section dedicated to Monster Hunter guides, news, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.