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MHR Sunbreak Beginner's Guide - Best Tips For Getting Started

New players might feel overwhelmed by the new features and mechanics in MHR: Sunbreak. Here are some helpful starting tips for beginners.
MHR Sunbreak Beginner's Guide - Best Tips For Getting Started

Following the success of the majorly popular Monster Hunter game series, the latest DLC expansion to the sixth installment, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, has finally arrived for Nintendo Switch and PC players.

Naturally, beginners might find the new massive world a bit daunting, particularly given the slew of new Monsters, locales, features, gameplay mechanics, and the array of new weapons they now have on hand. Fortunately, this guide is here to help, highlighting the best tips for getting started in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Best Tips For Beginners

We've listed eleven of the best starting tips for new MHR: Sunbreak players below, including new features and gameplay mechanics beginner players should be aware. Some of these might also be news for veterans of the game series. So without further delay, let's get started.

Buddy Reacon Points

monster hunter rise mhrise sunbreak Buddy Reacon System
The Buddy Reacon system lets players Fast Travel to non-campsite parts of the map. (Picture: YouTube / Arekkz Gaming)

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak includes a new system called Buddy Reacon Points. These work similarly to unlocking campsite locations to Fast Travel and can be found in the field while hunting.

Players will be restricted to assigning only one  “Buddy” per map to hold the Recon Point's position. Additionally, players can only use the Buddy Recon Point once per hunt to Fast Travel to a non-campsite part of the map.

Dango Hopping Skewer

monster hunter rise sunbreak hopping dango skewer
Level up your Dango skills with the Hopping Skewer. (Picture: YouTube / Arekkz Gaming)

Sunbreak also features a new Dango Skill system called the Hopping Skewer, which players can use to level their Dango up or down. The default level is Level 2; however, Dangos can reach a max level of 4.

It's important to note that the Dango works in descending order, placing higher-level Dango skills at the top of the Skewer and downgrading lower-level skills near the bottom. Players should know what each Dango can provide for the best optimization.

Cohoot Nest

monster hunter rise sunbreak cahoot nest
Remember to get your loot from the Cohoot Nest in Elgato. (Picture: YouTube / Arekkz Gaming)

The Cohoot Nest is a great way for players to get extra resources between their hunts, as long as they remember to collect them. These refresh at the start of every hunt and pile up to a maximum permitted amount. If the Cohoot Nest is full, no more loot will spawn.

Rampage Decorations 

The Rampage Skills system has been overhauled in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and now features Rampage Decorations which are unlocked by acquiring various Monster parts.

As players progress further in the game, they can unlock more Decorations. In addition, each weapon in the Sunbreak expansion also features a Rampage Decoration slot, to which players can assign specific Skills to enhance their weapon of choice.

Secret Areas

monster hunter rise sunbreak secret area jungle map
Players can get exclusive rare loot in the hidden parts of the Jungle. (Picture: YouTube / Arekkz Gaming)

Similar to previous installments, there are many secret areas in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, including a secret island off the coast of the Jungle. We've detailed a guide on getting to this island and the exclusive loot you can find there.

Talisman Lock

Players can lock Talismans, so they don't have to worry about accidentally deleting or melding a Talisman they intended to keep. Players can do this via the Equipment Box, indicated under a special menu under each Talisman.

Training room

The training room in Monster Hunter Sunbreak features a few new options. For example, players can now change the direction the dummy faces and choose the different types of attacks the dummy can shoot. Players should use this feature as it is a great way to practice and test out new builds.

Baby Owl

You can feed a Baby Owl in Sunbreak
You can feed a Baby Owl in Sunbreak. (Picture: YouTube / Arekkz Gaming)

Everyone's favorite pet pig Poogie is not present in Sunbreak. Instead, players now have a replacement for Poogie situated in the highest point, Elgato, in a Cohort Nest, which they can pet and feed.

Switch Scrolls

There is a new system in Sunbreak with the Switch Scrolls, enabling players to swap their Red and Blue Scrolls. Setting up Switch Skills presets is imperative before going out on a hunt. For example, players could have the same Skills on both Scrolls but with different Silkbind Attacks.

Backroom Deals

Players can activate Backroom Deals in the Argosy, allowing players to convert their Buddy's items to any selection of Backroom Deals items, including Locked Treasure Chests, MP Accelerant, and Melding Pudding. However, players can only do this with one Buddy at a time.

Buddy System 

There are different Buddy systems in Sunbreak, including the Buddy Dojo, allowing players to level up their Buddies and reap the benefit of having max-level Buddies in the Argosy, Reacon Points, Meowton Areas, or during hunts.

That concludes our guide on the best starting tips for beginner players in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

We want to thank Youtuber Arekkz Gaming for their guide on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Please consider subscribing to their channel and checking out the video embedded above for more epic content.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.