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MHR Sunbreak Garangolm Guide - Weaknesses, Parts, And More

Learn how to take down the Garangolm colossus with the right weaknesses and earn some new parts in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.
MHR Sunbreak Garangolm Guide - Weaknesses, Parts, And More

Garangolm is the first of the Three Lords that you'll encounter in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and up to that point, it's certainly the most difficult hunt you'll have to take on. Like anything else, knowing the weaknesses can make the battle go much smoother.

On the surface, the Garangolm is a stone golem that has plenty of rigid armor. This Fanged Wyvern has a ton of brute force and is reminiscent of the Rajang fight from the Low and High-Rank level fights. Mobility is your friend in the fight, but having hard-hitting weapons can also make a huge difference in the flow of the hunt.

Garangolm Weaknesses in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Garangolm Weakness
The enraged state makes the monster more vulnerable. (Picture: Capcom)

Before you head to the Citadel to take down the Garangolm in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak you can take a look at the loadout and weapon that you're using. In general, blunt damage is your best friend to get through all of the armor and avoid bouncing off the beast. But with the elemental form of the monster, slashing damage also becomes viable, especially on the head.

When you're choosing the best specific weapon, there are a few elements that you can rely on to decimate the Garangolm. Thunder and Fire weapons can dish out some serious elemental blights, and the rest are essentially neutral. Dragon and Water are useless in this fight so they should be avoided.

Once you begin the actual battle, the golem will be in its normal form which is neutral green. In this state, you will mainly need to avoid ground slams and pound attacks that can also toss you around. Sometimes the golem will stop to throw boulders at you or your teammates, but you can dive past them. 

Eventually, Garangolm will get angry and molten fire will engulf its face and its arms. The slams will start to have more AOE fire damage and the monster will use head charges to clear out the area. More weak points are created in the process though, so there is high risk and high reward.

Monster parts that can be harvested from the Garangolm

Attack certain parts for more rewards. (Picture: Capcom)

Every monster in Sunbreak will have a list of parts that can be harvested once it has been defeated. Some of them are super rare and can lead to fantastic equipment. Others drop all the time and are needed in abundance to create generic armor.

As one of the Three Lords, the Garangolm has some worthwhile carves in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Below you will find all of the possible parts and their chances of dropping at the highest rate.

  • Garangolm Shard - 38% Capture or 34% Reward
  • Cortex - 27% Capture, 37% Carve, or 50% Drop
  • Hardfang - 60% with a broken head
  • Golm Ploughtail - 80% with a broken tail
  • Golm Thick Juice - 30% Drop or 20% Reward
  • Garangolm Fist - 80% with a broken arm
  • Large Beat Tear - 40% Drop
  • Large Beast Gem - 3% or 5% from all sources

When you're on the hunt, the most important thing you can do is focus on the right parts if you're looking to farm. Continue to run the fight in a group for the fastest time and collect what you can. You'll have the weapons you want in no time.

And that's all. For more on the game and the franchise, check out our section dedicated to Monster Hunter guides, news, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.