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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Best Dereliction Skill Build

The Dereliction Armor Skill isn't easy to utilize in MHR: Sunbreak, but it can be an effective damage-boosting skill in the right hands.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – Best Dereliction Skill Build

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion features an array of new Master Rank Armor Skills that grant Hunters boosts ranging from improved Attack Power, HP recovery, and increased damage. Some of these Armor Skills are relatively easy to obtain; others can only be unlocked at various stages of the game.

The Dereliction Armor Skill is the latter, as it can be utilized once players have defeated the final boss, the Gaismagorm Monster. This guide details everything about the Dereliction Armor Skill, including how to acquire it and the best skill build in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

MHR Sunbreak – How To Unlock Dereliction Armor Skill

The Dereliction Armor Skill debuted in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion, and when utilized, Qurio can drain Hunters' health and boost their attacks. Notably, multiple Qurio significantly increases attacks and HP recovery when a Switch Skill Swop is used.

  • Level 1: Increases Elemental and Status values when using the Red Scroll. Using the Blue Scroll will increase Attack and Stun Effectiveness.
  • Level 2: When the Swop Scroll is used, this strengthens all attacks, but it depends on the type of Swop Scroll
  • Level 3: Similarly, at Level 2, your attacks are further increased based on the type of Swop Scroll being used

Using this skill will see your HP constantly depleted at 1 HP per second; however, you won't die. Instead, it will leave you vulnerable to attacks if you don't recover your HP as it can take a few hits, which can kill you.

As detailed above, this skill can be rewarding by boosting various stats, like Elemental and Status values and Attack Power, depending on which Scrolls are used. Periodically, a Qurio will be summoned, which increases the perks gained from the skill.

monster hunter rise sunbreak expansion armor skills dereliction swop scrolls reset
Swopping scrolls will reset the number of Qurios back to one and restart the buff. (Picture: YouTube / RageGamingVideos)

Hunters can also swop Scrolls to receive other valuable bonuses like healing, but this will reset your Qurios back to one, thus dropping the skill back to Level 1. Depending on how long you remain within a Scroll, at max levels (Level 3), you can gain 20 Elemental and Status boost with three Qurios with the Red Scroll and 35 Attack Boost with the Blue Scroll.

MHR Sunbreak – Best Dereliction Armor Skill Build

You can only get the Dereliction Armor Skill after acquiring the Archfiend Armor Epine arms and Sceros leg pieces. You will gain two points of Dereliction for the arms and one point for the legs. There have been no Talismans that come with this skill; however, future content updates may change this.

Additionally, you can craft the Armor pieces using the following Forging Materials:

  • Archfiend Armor Epine:
    • 24 000 Zenny
    • x5 Abyssal Dragonscale
    • x2 Archdemon Backshell
    • x1 Archdemon Tailhook
    • x2 Garangolm Fist
  • Archfiend Armor Sceros:
    • 24 000 Zenny
    • x2 Abyssal Dragonscale
    • x4 Archdemon Backshell
    • x2 Archdemon Piercetalon
    • x3 Consumption Parasite
monster hunter rise sunbreak expansion armor skills dereliction archfiend armor set epine arms sceros legs pieces crafting
You can craft the Archfiend Armor Epine and Sceros pieces by acquiring specific materials beforehand. (Picture: YouTube / RageGaimgVideos)

Complementary Armor Skills

The Dereliction Armor Skill works well with a handful of other skills like Bloodlust, in which HP is reduced over time when infected with the Frenzy virus. Still, you can receive various buffs like increased Attack and recover lost HP once the Frenzy debuff ends.

Coalescence will also work with this skill, which temporarily increases your attacks after recovering from various Status Effects, like the Frenzy virus. Another great complementary skill is Resentment, which comes equipped with the armor mentioned earlier; it also increases attacks after recovering HP with a max boost of +25 Attack at max level.

Lastly, another health recovery option is to have the Super Recovery Dango equipped, which recovers HP over time and alleviates the effects of the Dereliction Armor Skill. In the right hands, this skill can be fantastic to incorporate into a handful of weapon builds high in damage, like the Great Sword weapon.

This skill will take some time to adjust, so beginner players would best avoid utilizing it. It can eventually lead to your demise with a few hits if you don't recover lost HP but can be a potent skill to master, especially post-endgame.

We want to thank the YouTube channel RageGamingVideos for their complete walkthrough on the Dereliction Armor Skill for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.