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Will Moonstone Island Have Co-Op?

Moonstone Island is a cozy life-sim game in the veins of Animal Crossing and Stardrew Valley. But does it have co-op support?
Will Moonstone Island Have Co-Op?
Studio Supersoft

"Can I play Moonstone Island with my friends?" is a question that may have crossed your mind if you're a fan of the cozy life-sim games. It's because so many notable games in the genre, for instance, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Palia, have online and local co-op support. 

However, the upcoming Moonstone Island isn't a traditional cozy life-sim game. Aside from standard gameplay elements like growing crops, decorating houses, and dating NPCs, Moonstone Island also features an open world full of 100+ dungeons where you can test its unique card-based combat system. So the question remains: Is there a co-op mode in Moonstone Island?

Is There Co-op Mode In Moonstone Island?

moonstone island co op
No, Moonstone Island doesn't support co-op at launch. (Picture: Studio Supersoft)

No, Moonstone Island doesn't have co-op support, at least at launch. This includes both online multiplayer and local co-op. However, Studio Supersoft hasn't directly ruled out co-op, so things could change in the future. 

The popular life-sim game Disney Dreamlight Valley launched as a single-player experience only but is getting a multiplayer mode later in 2023. Given how popular co-op is in this genre, especially local co-op, it seems highly unlikely for Studio Supersoft not to add it to Moonstone Island with a future update. 

Moonstone Island launches on 20 September 2023 for PC, with a Nintendo Switch release planned for the future.