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How To Toast In MultiVersus - Get More Toast Guide

Toast is a valuable currency in MultiVersus that will let you toast opponents at the end of a game. Here's a guide on how to farm it faster and use it to toast others.
How To Toast In MultiVersus - Get More Toast Guide

MultiVersus is a new free-to-play fighting game from Player First Games, featuring characters from all over the WB universe. The initial roaster contains some notable characters, like Batman, Taz, Lebron, Velma, and more. 

Like most online-game, MultiVersus is more fun when played with other people. The game also offers an interesting social feature that you can use to elevate the team spirit and reward your friend with a valuable in-game resource.

Your friend or the stranger you're playing with can do the same for you. This feature is called Toasting, and here's our guide that explains how to toast in MultiVersus.

How to get Toast in MultiVersus 

toast multiversus
There are three ways to get Toast in MultiVersus. (Picture: WB Games)

You can (literally) toast someone in MultiVersus after finishing a match. Doing so will reward the other player with 25 Gold Coins, an important currency needed to unlock in-game characters. 

Toast is a valuable currency in MultiVersus, and while there are several ways to get it, the process could take a while. The easiest way to earn Toast is by leveling up the battle pass. You can get a decent amount of Toast through the free battle pass and the paid one.

Another way to get Toast in MultiVersus is by increasing character ranks to 3. Reaching rank 3 with any character will give you 5 Toast. The more XP you gain, the more you will level up. 

You can increase the rate of XP you gain from completing matches by 30% if you buddy up with your friend. Either way, reaching Rank 3 won't take very long, and you will have a substantial amount of Toast in your inventory in no time.

You can also buy Toast from your hard-earned Gold Coins. 10 Toasts cost 350 Gold Coins, and you can buy them from the Collection Screen in the Main Menu. Since Gold Coins are hard to come by, we recommend keeping this a last resort.

How to Toast in MultiVersus

toast multiversus
You get the option to Toast in MultiVersus after finishing a match. (Picture: WB Games)

You will get the option to Toast your friend or whoever you play with after finishing a match. Once the match is over, wait for a few seconds in the stats screen, and a prompt to Toast will appear over the other player's portrait.

Simply click on that to use one of your Toasts and reward them with this kind gesture alongside 25 Gold Coins, as mentioned above. 

That concludes our guide on how to toast in MultiVersus. 
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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.