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Are Black Adam And Stripe From Gremlins Coming To MultiVersus?

MultiVersus Season 1 has launched, and a new leak teases two more characters, DC's Black Adam and Gremlins' Stripe, joining the roster.
Are Black Adam And Stripe From Gremlins Coming To MultiVersus?

Update on 15th August: Black Adam and Strife were confirmed for Season 1 of MultiVersus via the game's official Twitter account.
Original article continues: MultiVersus has a diverse playable roster that features popular characters from various Warner Bros. properties. From Batman and Wonder Woman to Arya Stark and Bugs Bunny, there’s always space for more characters to appear and unlikely pairings to form.

With the roster bumped up to 19 characters with the addition of Rick & Morty for MultiVersus Season 1, recent leaks have teased two more characters arriving to the battle arena. But it won’t be heroes appearing instead; DC’s Black Adam and Stripe from The Gremlins are rumored to be coming soon to the free-to-play fighting game.

New MultiVersus Leak Tease Black Adam, Gremlins Coming Soon

Developer Player First Games launched their much-anticipated Season 1 of MultiVersus on 15th August 2022 after delaying its intended release date of 9th August 2022. While game director Tony Huynh has stated that the delay was not due to the Discovery/Warner Bros. merger, the game’s first season brings forth a plethora of new content and balance changes.

multiversus season 1 new playable characters rick and morty
MultiVersus Season 1 adds Rick & Morty to the current roster of playable characters. (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games)

With Rick & Morty being the latest characters joining the active roster of playable characters, a recent leak revealed two more characters en route to MultiVersus. According to dataminer InTheShade, two villainous characters, Stripe/Mohawk from the 1984 film, The Gremlins, and DC’s Black Adam is poised to be joining the free-to-play fighting game soon.

Black Adam appears highly possible, given that the character is receiving a live-action film adaptation scheduled for release on 20th October 2022. As a spin-off from the 2019 DC film Shazam, the film will see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson bringing the character to life.

This month, initial leaks were suggesting the possibility of several notable characters from DC, Scooby Doo, and Stranger Things. While it didn’t specify which characters were likely to be coming soon, Gremlins’ Stripe/Mohawk was leaked with the login screen image with Black Adam circulating online.

Huynh took to Twitter on 14th August 2022 to further fuel these rumors when he stated that more characters are arriving sometime in Season 1. “There’s a surprise and a look at some future unannounced characters in the login screen tomorrow. More announcements and details coming.”

multiversus season 1 leaked characters dc black adam gremlins stripe login screen
One player leaked the login screen for MultiVersus featuring Black Adam and Stripe online. (Picture: Twitter / ShadyMVS)

Whether this directly refers to Black Adam and Stripe has yet to be revealed; however, the timing of the leak and Huynh’s Tweet is beyond coincidental. While officially, there’s no confirmation for which characters are coming soon to MultiVersus Season 1, we will endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available.

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Featured image courtesy of Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games.