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MultiVersus Crossplay And Cross-Progression - Does Gleamium Transfer?

We explain the Crossplay and Cross-Platform progression in MultiVersus, and if the game's premium currency, Gleamium, can be transferred across platforms.
MultiVersus Crossplay And Cross-Progression - Does Gleamium Transfer?

As a free-to-play platform fighter, MultiVersus, has taken the fighting game community by storm with its large selection of diverse and iconic characters. The game launched into Open Beta on 26th July on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Some gamers who haven't played it yet might wonder if MultiVersus has crossplay support and how cross-progression works.

In this article, we share details on MultiVersus' crossplay and cross-progression functionality, with one caveat about the game's premium currency.

MultiVersus Crossplay & Cross-Progression

Multiversus crossplay cross-progression gleamium transfer platforms PC Xbox PlayStation
Players from all platforms can enjoy MultiVersus together. Even those with mouse and keyboard can match with controller players. (Picture: WB Games)

Like most modern multiplayer titles, MultiVersus features full crossplay for all platforms. This means all platforms can compete together with full support.

It is also important to note that those unlocks earned in the Early Access period have carried over to the Open Beta. All unlocked items throughout the game's life will carry over.

Even mouse and keyboard players can match against console players in MultiVersus, which means the game truly has full crossplay, unlike some other titles.

All progress also transfers from one platform to another with your WB Games account. However, there is one caveat...

Can Gleamium Transfer Between Platforms?

Multiversus crossplay cross-progression gleamium transfer platforms PC Xbox PlayStation
Looks like Batman found some Gleamium...(Picture: WB Games)

One little piece of bad news is that if you've purchased Gleamium (MultiVersus' premium currency) on one platform, you can't use it on another.

Remember, you can purchase Gleamium or get some from the three Founder's packs. The Gleamium bundle prices are:

  • 450 Gleamium - $4.99 / £3.99
  • 1,000 Gleamium - $9.99 / £7.99
  • 2,200 Gleamium - $19.99 / £15.99
  • 6,000 Gleamium - $49.99 / £39.99

While you can't use Gleamium on a different platform than where you purchased it, the workaround is relatively easy. Let's say you want a specific cosmetic item and have some Gleamium on PC. You can purchase that item on PC, and once it is in your inventory, you can log on with your Xbox and use it there. 

Multiversus crossplay cross-progression gleamium transfer platforms PC Xbox PlayStation
MultiVersus' premium currency, Gleamium, can not be transferred to a different platform. (Picture: WB Games)

MultiVersus developer Player First Games' co-founder Tony Huynh, explains on Twitter: "Cross-progression: everything transfers except Gleamium from the original platform you made your purchase from. If you bought Gleamium on Steam for instance, it must be spent on Steam, but once you’ve made your purchase the item will then transfer to other platforms."

So there you have it - MultiVersus has full Crossplay and Cross-Progression functionality, except for its premium currency, Gleamium, which is bound to the platform you purchased it on.

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games.