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MultiVersus Edgeguard Guide - How To Use And Counter

MultiVersus has different strategies to outsmart your enemies. This guide looks at how to use Edgeguard and counter it in the game.
MultiVersus Edgeguard Guide - How To Use And Counter

Edgeguard is a popular tactic used in most platform fighter games to keep the opponent outside the play area or platform; MultiVersus is no exception. We have witnessed some top-notch Edgeguarding in the free-to-play title. It’s perhaps one of the most effective ways to take your opponent’s stock and beat them easily.

Using Edgeguard will prevent opponents from engaging you in a fight on the platform and deplete their stocks. However, this technique is not simple to grasp and requires a lot of practice to perfect. Moreover, it also requires superb control over your character. This guide details how to use and counter Edgeguard in the game.

MultiVersus Edgeguard - How To Use

how to use edgeguard in multiversus
Edgeguarding is a creative play to keep the enemy out of the play zone. (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros.)

Edgeguarding is not based on written rules. Instead, it’s a creative way of defying the game’s natural order and gaining an advantage on the battlefield. However, Edgeguarding in MultiVersus is simpler than most other platform games. To keep the enemies outside the platform, guard the edge or ledge after you knock out an enemy. But keep a close eye on their attempts to get back in.

Once your opponents start their move, get ready to block their path, use abilities, or even a long-ranged projectile attack to knock them again. You can also hit them while they are recovering from the shallow fall. However, you must be careful of your arsenal and what you have at your disposal. Don’t throw everything at once.

There is no single way of Edgeguarding your enemy. There are many variables, and each scenario will be significantly different from another. Edgeguarding will only come from practice; the more you perform it in your games, the better and more natural it will become.

MultiVersus Edgeguard - How to Counter

how to counter edgeguard in multiversus
It’s very important to avoid Edgeguarding by others. (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros.)

As fun as it may be to Edgeguard others, your game will become hell if you get hit by your newly discovered trick. So it’s crucial to counter Edgeguarding tactics from the enemy. Once you are knocked out of the platform, don’t use all your resources at once.

Instead, save your air dodges and jumps to steer your way on the platform. While you are off the platform, look to outmaneuver the enemy and counter their attacks. Then you can reverse Edgeguard and save your game. Now you know everything you need to start Edgeguarding and countering it in your games.

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Featured image courtesy of WB Games / Player First Games.