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MultiVersus Gizmo Guide – All Perks, Moves, Specials & More

The adorably cute Mogwai, Gizmo, has arrived in MultiVersus. Learn more about this fluffy fighter, including his movesets, perks, and more.
MultiVersus Gizmo Guide – All Perks, Moves, Specials & More

Gremlins' main protagonist, the Mogwai Gizmo, is now available as a playable fighter in MultiVersus. After hearing that his nemesis, Stripe, was also en route to becoming a fighter, Gizmo joined the battle, hoping to face off against Stripe again.

Gizmo has an interesting moveset, utilizing ranged and AoE attacks and skills that buff allies and debuffs enemies. This guide details Gizmo's confirmed moveset, including his perks, attacks, and more in MultiVersus.

All Gizmo Perks In MultiVersus

The adorable Mogwai boasts several Perks players can unlock when leveling up the character. As players can equip a maximum of three Perks, including his Signature Perk, we've listed and highlighted the best Perks that players should equip to the character in MultiVersus:

multiversus guide gizmo all perks attacks specials character selection
Gizmo and his playable variant are now available from the Character Selection menu in MultiVersus. (Picture: YouTube / Player First Games)

Utility Perks:

  • Aerial Acrobat: Your team gains a 10% increase in air acceleration
  • Triple Jump: Your team gains a bonus jump after striking an enemy when in the air

Offensive Perks:

  • Make It Rain, Dog!: Your team gains an increase in projectile speed by 10%
  • Deadshot: Your team can inflict a 5% increased DMG when using projectiles.

Defensive Perks:

  • Back To Back: Your team receives 6% reduced damage when near an ally.

Signature Perks:

  • Bounce, Bounce, Boom!: Gizmo can bounce off his popcorn and toy car when using his Air Down Special Attack, which explodes immediately.
  • Power Cuddle: Gizmo's Charged Attacks charge quicker while attached to an ally
  • Rhythm's Gonna Getcha: Once Gizmo's Music status effect stacks on an enemy, this will cause them to dance instead of silencing them.

All Gizmo Attacks and Specials in MultiVersus

This hybrid Support and Ranged fighter come equipped with a quirky moveset and unique weaponry to inflict long-ranged attacks on enemies in MultiVersus. Additionally, he has some explosive attacks that deal AoE damage and projectiles that deal various status effects, which we've detailed below:

Standard Attacks:

  • Hunter's Bow: Gizmo charges and fires an arrow that will ignite if charged and can be stored if not used. It will use the charge on the next turn; the arrow is aimed and fired as Gizmo can move and jump around as he's charging the bow, which, once it strikes an opponent, can replenish Gizmo with an arrow.
  • Mogwai 3-Step: Gizmo performs a three-hit combo using a punch, a headbutt, and a drop kick.
  • Fist of Furry: An air attack that sees Gizmo charging up his fist for a forward punch attack.
  • Pop Pop Pop!: Gizmo grabs a bucket of popcorn which he charges up and launches upwards, which explodes once it ignites. His arrows can also explode the popcorn but only in a cone, as ignited arrows come with a larger explosion radius than standard arrows.
  • Widdle Claws: Gizmo performs a swiping overhead attack.
  • Harsh Melody: Grabbing a keyboard, Gizmo charges up an attack before slamming it to inflict Armor Break, which launches musical notes on either side of him. The charge affects how fast the notes travel, which applies the Music status effect.
  • Stompy Feet: Gizmo charges up before stomping his feet thrice on the ground.
multiversus guide gizmo all perks attacks specials pop pop pop standard attack
Grab some popcorn and toss it at enemies with the Pop Pop Pop attack. (Picture: YouTube / Player First Games)

Special Attacks:

  • Song of the Mogwai: Gizmo will start singing, which sees musical notes used as projectiles that damage enemies with the Music status effect. Additionally, allies will gain a Music buff when the notes follow them, which they'll follow friendly projectiles to inflict the Hitstun status effect.
  • Song of the Flying Mogwai: An air variation of Song of the Mogwai, but instead, the musical notes target enemies in a forward direction.
  • Beep Beep!: Gizmo drives a toy car around the arena floor and rams it into enemies, which he can leave the car either by jumping, dodging, or sending the car forward. If no one is driving the car, allies can drive the car, but if Gizmo enters the car using his Up Special, the car will overheat and send it forward and explode or crash after that. A cooldown will follow once the car is destroyed.
  • Umbrella Bash: When holding an umbrella, Gizmo performs a dashing attack which blocks any projectiles. Pressing the input will see Gizmo unroll the umbrella, which will see him glide. 
  • Gizmo-A-Go-Go: If an ally is nearby or in front of him, he can attach himself to them and cleanse them from any status effects. When he's still attached, Gizmo can perform attacks but will take a percentage of damage dealt to the attached ally. If he attacks enemies using the dash attack, he can bounce off them and jump into the car from his Beep Beep! Special Attack.
  • Corrugated Camouflage: Gizmo will hide in a toy chest summoned to the arena, preventing him from getting attacked by projectiles. Continue holding the input to remain in the chest, and if he's attached to an ally, he'll pull out an umbrella to protect himself and the ally from projectiles.
  • Falling Furball: Gizmo uses a rear (butt) attack downwards, bouncing back up if the attack strikes enemies.

Passive Abilities:

  • Time To Listen: A few of Gizmo's attacks apply the Music status effect, which silences enemies should they hit max stacking. This prevents them from cooling down; allies affected by this can produce a musical note when evading or attacking overlapping enemies, inflicting Music on them.

We want to thank the YouTube channel VIP2GAMING for their complete walkthrough of Gizmo's complete moveset in MultiVersus Season 1. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Player First Games.