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How To Unlock Gizmo In MultiVersus

Mogwai, rejoice! Gizmo from the Gremlins is now available as a playable character in MultiVersus. Here's how to unlock him.
How To Unlock Gizmo In MultiVersus

Player First Games have rolled out the newest playable character in MultiVersus, welcoming Gizmo to the growing roster. The fluffy Mogwai may be a little shy at first, but he boasts one of the game's most interesting moveset, perks, and weaponry, including popcorn and flaming arrows.

As the latest Support character joining Velma, Steven Universe, and Reindog, the adorable Mogwai will always be there to save his friends and avert disaster. Here's how to unlock Gizmo and when he'll be available in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Season 1 – How To Unlock Gizmo

The arrival of Gizmo to MultiVersus Season 1 follows the much-anticipated release of Morty Smith from Rick & Morty last month. The character hails from the 1984 film, Gremlins and its sequels and is now a fighter in MultiVersus, bringing his diverse artillery and unique moveset and skills to the game.

According to a tweet from the official MultiVersus Twitter account, Gizmo officially joined the game on 8th September 2022 and is currently available to play. However, the developer has yet to confirm the release dates for Rick Sanchez and Gizmo's enemy Stripe.

multiversus guide gizmo how to unlock mogwai
Gizmo is a new playable character in MultiVersus. (Picture: Twitter / MultiVersus)

To unlock Gizmo in MultiVersus, players can acquire the character in three ways; the first two methods involve using currency. The game has various in-game currencies they can earn; however, the two main currencies directly linked to in-game unlocks are Gold and Gleamium.

Gold coins are relatively easy to obtain as they can get from the Daily Bonus, Battle Pass, and playing matches online solo or with friends. The latter can be more productive as teaming up with a friend online grants them a Gold Bonus of 30%.

multiversus guide gizmo how to unlock character ticket founders pack character selection
Players can use the Character Ticket from the Founder's Pack and redeem it against Gizmo. (Picture: YouTube / Player First Games)

Gleamium can be acquired through in-game purchases as Gleamium bundles from the shop, using real-world money. The other option is to purchase the game's Founder's Pack editions which also gift them an additional in-game item.

The third way to unlock Gizmo is by using the Character Ticket items, which players can only obtain from the Founder's Pack game editions. These items will allow them to use the ticket and redeem it against any character of their choosing without spending Gold or Gleamium; however, they can only redeem one character per ticket.

That concludes our guide on how to unlock Gizmo in MultiVersus.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / MultiVersus.