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MultiVersus Beginner's Guide – Best Starting Tips For All Players

Learn how to master the basics, rank up quicker, and fast-track your in-game progress with this essential Beginner’s Guide to MultiVersus.
MultiVersus Beginner's Guide – Best Starting Tips For All Players

Similarly to other popular crossover fighting games, the free-to-play MultiVersus gives players access to a unique roster of playable characters across multiple properties under the Warner Bros banner. The game already features some noticeable differences, including minimal to no microtransactions and seamless online multiplayer capabilities; the game is already off to a winning start.

What sets it apart, however, is its unique aesthetics, diverse characters and movesets, and gameplay mechanics that tasks players to learn and master any character of their choosing. We’ll explore the best tips and tricks for all players, including beginners, for MultiVersus.

Best Starting Tips For Players In MultiVersus

Whether you’re starting in MultiVersus or coming over from another popular fighting game, the game is pretty low when beginning your campaign. Nevertheless, choosing a starting point could be a deciding factor as to how successful or not your journey will be; we’ve listed the most important and helpful tips, and tricks players can utilize to master MultiVersus like a pro.

Select Your Main And Stick With It

multiversus beginner's guide main character fighters selection screen
There are 18 playable fighters currently available to choose from in MultiVersus. (Picture: YouTube / MultiVersus)

The first thing most, if not all, players should know is that every character has a progression system. This is why choosing your character is vitally important, as you’ll want to unlock unique rewards and features as you level up.

This can be achieved by playing online matches and earning XP to rank and gain these rewards, improving their moveset, including the Perk Training option. This allows you to train your character to learn a perk from another character at Level 9, as it helps them stick with one and unlock their rewards before moving on to the next character.

Learn The Class System

Knowing the classes available in-game is equally important as selecting the main character. Five unique classes (Tank, Support, Mage, Bruiser, and Assasin) characterize every playstyle that all characters are based around.

multiversus beginner's guide character class archetype tank support mage bruiser assassin
MultiVersus features five different character classes with multiple characters to meet their specific playstyle. (Picture: YouTube / MultiVersus)

Whether providing support from long-range distance to unleashing a barrage of attacks, there's a class for all characters and playstyles. But if you're still unsure which character suits your best, you can try them out for free by visiting The Lab practice mode.

Do Not Skip The Tutorials

As someone with a slight tendency to forgo the tutorial, this doesn’t apply to MultiVersus, as it can significantly help players. In particular, the advanced tutorials can aid beginner players in navigating the deeper aspects of the characters, stages, and other gameplay mechanics.

If you’re looking to grind hours and hours into finessing your character and challenge yourself against the best layers online, completing the advanced tutorials can help long-term. The game may be pretty straightforward to understand; however, it could cost you if you don’t master the nuanced aspects of the game before going online.

Perk Up Your Character

Tricks multiversus beginner's guide perks how to unlock signature perks
Perks are divided into four sub-categories, Utility, Offensive, Defensive and Signature Perks. (Picture: YouTube / MultiVersus)

As you progress with your main character, you’ll unlock various perks that are unique to your character or its class. Depending on your playstyle, some bonuses enhance its attacks, passives, and buffs.

Creating the best perk loadout for your main can determine whether you’ll gain an advantage over your opponent or get completely squashed. We have detailed guides for most characters where we’ve labeled their best perks, which you can check out on the dedicated MultiVersus section.

Get Good In The Lab

While your progression in The Lab won’t carry over into game progress, it can still provide ample experience, especially for beginner players or those looking to try out a new fighter. Learning how to utilize various standard, special and Passive attacks and threading them together in combos can be effective when mastering the character and gameplay mechanics.

Tricks multiversus beginner's guide the lab practise arena mode
Use The Lab practice arena mode to understand your character's moveset and gameplay mechanics. (Picture: YouTube / MultiVersus)

The Lab may be about practicing movesets, but learning where the hitboxes are, the timing of animations during attacks, and executing them can be worthwhile. As mentioned earlier, you can use The Lab to try out fighters available during the Character Rotation period and determine whether they can fit within your playstyle, so make use of this training arena wisely.

Complete Missions For The Battle Pass

Participating in online matches can be extremely vital as the experience gained will contribute to the Battle Pass. As the game has free and paid versions of the Battle Pass, meeting the objectives for the daily and seasonal missions will speed up your progress and unlock unique rewards and levels.

There are plenty of Gold, Toasts, Coins, and cosmetics to earn from the Battle Pass, plus a few XP Boost to unlock specific levels. If you wish to unlock more characters, acquire in-game items, and more, jumping into competitive matches is the best way to grind through the Battle Pass.

For all the fighting game action, check out our section dedicated to the latest MultiVersus news, updates, guides, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games.