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Gizmo And Stripe Will Join MultiVersus As Separate Characters

MultiVersus' character roster is getting cuter as the developer confirms the arrival of Gizmo as a separate character alongside its enemy, Stripe.
Gizmo And Stripe Will Join MultiVersus As Separate Characters

The free-to-play (F2P) fighting game, MultiVersus is getting adorably cuter as developer Player First Games announced the next playable character joining the roster. Gremlins' protagonist, Gizmo, is coming to the game this month, and while he may be a little shy to leave his crate, he will have a familiar face, Stripe, joining the roster.

The developer has provided an update on the releases of the Gremlins characters, dispelling rumors of the duo releasing them as the game's version of Echo characters. As the developer has yet to confirm the release dates for Stripe and two other characters, Rick Sanchez and DC's Black Adam, Gizmo will be available much sooner than expected.

MultiVersus Adds Gizmo And Stripe In Separate Releases

MultiVersus will add two new characters to their roster in the coming days, as announced on their social media accounts. While we had known that Stripe, the villain from the film, Gremlins, was confirmed at the start of the season, it's now official that the characters won't be the only Gremlin in-game.

On 1st September 2022, a video clip was uploaded revealing that the adorably cute Gremlin, Gizmo, will join the roster as a playable fighter. Additionally, Player First Games confirmed that Gizmo and Stripe would be added as separate characters for this season, with Gizmo arriving first on 8th September 2022 according to the tweet above.

This is the same strategy the developer has employed with another popular duo, Rick and Morty, as confirmed by game director Tony Huynh. The latter has been available as of 23rd August 2022; however, there are no updates on when Rick Sanchez will arrive to MultiVersus.

multiversus news gremlins gizmo stripe rich sanchez release date
We have yet to receive any confirmation on the release date of Rich Sanchez to MultiVersus. (Picture: Player First Games / Warner bros. Games)

We can expect further updates from the developer in the coming days regarding Gizmo and Stripe, together with their movesets and Perks. Some eagle-eyed fans may have spotted clues to what Gizmo's moveset and abilities could potentially be.

As mentioned earlier, the video points to a bucket of popcorn and a tricycle, but many hope Gizmo's makeshift bow and arrow from Gremlins 2 will be added. While he may not be the most brilliant fighter on the character roster; however, they can utilize an interesting array of weapons and gadgets that could class Gizmo as a Support or Mage.

multiversus news gremlins gizmo stripe movesets abilities skills
There were clues in a recent video clip teasing Gizmo and Stripe's movesets. (Picture: Twitter / MultiVersus)

Similarly, a shadow of Stripe appears in the 23-second clip, and what seems to be a buzzsaw blade rolling on the floor, hitting Gizmo's crate. Dataminers have also uncovered sound effects for Stripe's buzzsaw, but only time will tell what their complete movesets will be upon their release.

As we await further confirmation on the release date for Stripe and the movesets for Gizmo and Stripe, we'll endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available. MultiVersus Season 1 is available now for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

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Featured image courtesy of Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games.