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MultiVersus Season 1 Tier List - All Characters Ranked Best To Worst

Want to know the best characters to stomp the competition in Multiversus? We've got you covered with this MultiVersus Season 1 Tier List!
MultiVersus Season 1 Tier List - All Characters Ranked Best To Worst

MultiVersus has been out for a while now, and people have been playtesting characters since the game's release.

Finding the perfect character in this game is no easy task. While there may be tons of MultiVersus beginner guides out there, finding your main in any game will take some time.  Unlike other fighting games, MultiVersus not only has a solid 1v1 scene but a dedicated 2v2 scene as well.

The WB fighting game at EVO had some breakout performances with lesser-used characters well.  So, let's break down every character and see what they bring to the table. 

All Characters Ranked - MultiVersus Season 1 Tier List 

Keep in mind that this list is based on the latest patch in MultiVersus and it may differ from some other tier lists. However, the objective is to rank these characters as accurately as possible in the tier list.

S - Tier

Batman MultiVersus
Batman is a terror to the competition (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games)


Batman is a great beginner character with strong combos and great aerial mobility.  While other characters excel in singles matches or doubles matches, respectively, Batman is a nice all-rounder.

Add to this a powerful projectile to force approaches, and you have one of the most solid characters in the entire game. 

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is the terror of 2v2 gameplay. His strong hits (such as his mallet) deal incredible damage with very little end lag.

Additionally, Bugs Bunny has tons of ranged abilities, such as throwing pies or blowing kisses.

The latter of which can stun enemies and set up your partner for a finishing blow. While not as good in 1v1, Bugs can still perform well with long combo strings and spammy projectiles. 

Many consider Bugs Bunny to be one of the best, if not the best, characters in MultiVersus. 

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry have a similar play style to Bugs Bunny. As you can imagine, considering Bugs Bunny is one of the best characters in the game, this makes Tom and Jerry quite good as well!

Tom and Jerry rely heavily on their strong ranged attacks to dish out massive damage from afar.

Because of this, Tom and Jerry excel in 1v1 battles where the constant barrage of projectiles cannot be interrupted by an enemy teammate.


Velma has been at the top of most tier lists since MultiVersus was initially released. Most of Velma's kit revolves around her projectiles which she can seemingly throw out infinitely. 

Some of these attacks will even lock onto enemies, removing any need to aim accordingly. Velma has a high skill ceiling, and players will need to master her abilities to come out on top.

At a high level, Velma is best chosen with a partner who can support her lackluster melee game.

A Tier

Harely Quinn MultiVersus
Harley Quinn is ready to knock them out of the park (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games)


Finn is to MultiVersus as Mario is to Super Smash Brothers. Finn is decent in just about every situation, be it 1v1 or 2v2.

His ground game is nearly unrivaled, with tons of armor-breaking capabilities on some of his moves and huge hitboxes on the others. Finn is also great for adapting to different situations, thanks to his ability to purchase items at any point. 

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is another powerhouse, with the ability to assassinate characters with her fast and deadly combo game. 

Expertly utilizing traps and bombs will separate the good Harley Quinn players from the best, and ensuring her damage-over-time skill is always ticking will likely ensure your victory.


Taz is super annoying to play against and in a fighting game, getting in your opponent's head is just as important as unleashing a fatal combo.

Similar to how Meta Knight was eventually banned in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, spinning to win is the name of the game for Taz. His spammy tornado deals a lot of damage and inflicts high knockback making Taz a devil to deal with.

B Tier

Shaggy MultiVersus
Super Saiyan Shaggy is always hilarious to see. (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games)


Ever since his teaser trailer, fans had been on the edge of their seats wondering whether Super Saiyan Shaggy would be a top-tier character. 

While Shaggy does not reach the highest of highs, he is still a meta pick and can do wonders in the right hands. 

Having no passive abilities, Shaggy players will need to rely on their combo game to get the job done. Shaggy is the definition of a high-risk, high-reward character.


Jake isn't the fastest character in the game and, unlike his pal Finn, doesn't hit as hard. However, what Jake lacks in speed and strength, he makes up for in versatility. 

Being able to switch between fast combos and decently heavy hits is why Jake is considered a dark horse.

Speaking of which, his side-special horse attack is likely the only reason he's still considered a viable option!


Super "noob slayer" man is a tanky powerhouse able to zip around a stage with ease. 

Having arguably, the best aerial mobility in the game, it is difficult even to land a hit on this guy. Even if you somehow manage to pull off an attack successfully, his plentiful armor will reduce the damage significantly. 

Superman definitely has his kryptonite at the top level, but it takes a lot of practice to find out what that is.


Arya Stark MultiVersus
Arya Stark and Needle are prepared for battle (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games)

Arya Stark

Arya wasn't always the strong contender she is today. Thankfully, after a few buffs, she can now dish out monstrous damage with Needle - her signature sword.

Arya also has the ability to take an enemy's face, stunning them for a short duration. It takes a lot of time and dedication to master Arya, but the payoff is certainly worth it. 


Gizmo is the newest character to arrive in MultiVersus, but the general consensus is this character is average at best.

While more playtesting needs to be done to see how Gizmo will fit into the meta in months to come, Gizmo sits comfortably in the mid-tier for now. 


Morty is the first character to be added since the release of MultiVersus. Morty utilizes portals, laser guns, and bombs to inflict damage on his enemies. 

His UFO skill also has an annoying habit of getting in the way while also protecting him from being spiked. Unfortunately, Morty's cooldowns are quite high, and mastering his skills can be a bit difficult. 

Lebron James

Lebron is a character that only a few dedicated players will choose to pick up. Lebron's move set changes drastically depending on whether he has a basketball or not.

Because of this, players will need to adapt to every situation and learn combos based on their advantageous or disadvantageous state. 

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's shield can be crucial in projectile-heavy matchups. As we've seen so far, characters with strong projectiles tend to do well in MultiVersus.

As such, Wonder Woman is still considered a decent pick when faced with some of the top tiers.


Iron Giant MultiVersus
Iron Giant is one of the few heavy characters in MultiVersus (Picture: Player First Games / Warner Bros. Games)


Like most other fighting games, heavy characters tend to, unfortunately, slide into the bottom tier.

Garnet is a little too slow to keep up with the competition. This is only offset by her powerful damage, but most players will struggle to land a hit with her. 

Iron Giant

Did somebody say "combo food?" Iron Giant's massive hitbox makes him susceptible to all kinds of incoming damage. 

While he can be used well in the right hands, there are far better options. Unless you, too, are a member of "heavy gang," in which case, we salute you!

Steven Universe

Steven Universe is tied for the worst character in the game. 

He has minimal damage and maneuverability, with his only saving grace being his shield. 


You would have thought Warner Bros. would have put more effort into their mascot character. Reindog falls flat thanks to its large hitbox and slow speed. 

And, there you have it. Every character in MultiVersus ranked from best to worst.

As the meta continues to evolve, surely these rankings will change slightly. Also, there is no counting out a powerful low-tier character in the hands of a master.

Considering MultiVersus has such a strong 2v2 scene, all it could take is a new MultiVersus character to propel a low tier into the stratosphere. 

For all the fighting game action, check out our section dedicated to the latest MultiVersus news, updates, guides, features, and more.

Featured image courtesy of WB Games.