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Rick Sanchez From Rick & Morty Is Coming To MultiVersus

Rick Sanchez is on the way to MultiVersus in Season 1 following the release of Morty and Gizmo earlier on in the season.
Rick Sanchez From Rick & Morty Is Coming To MultiVersus

Rick Sanchez is finally on the way to MultiVersus after months of teases through maps and Season 1 promotions. According to the official MultiVersus Twitter account, Rick isn't very far off, and soon enough, both main characters can fight together.

Players have known that both Rick and Morty would appear as characters in MultiVersus since the game came out. Morty has already made an appearance as the first addition in the new season. We'll go over when to expect Rick within the game and what he may play like.

MultiVersus - When Will Rick Sanchez Arrive?

Mr. Meeseeks appears along with Rick. (Picture: Warner Bros.)

Based on the latest announcement for the platform fighting game, Rick Sanchez will "arrive soon" and there isn't anything solid beyond that. Unfortunately, there is no official release date as of September 23 that players can prepare for. However, everyone should keep an eye out for the content drop within the next couple of weeks.

Season 1 hasn't been out for very long, and we have already had two new characters at this time. Both Morty and Gizmo were added after launch, and there are even more characters to come, including Black Adam. Stripe is one more that was confirmed on the official website.

While we wait for Rick Sanchez to finally drop in the game, we can still look at the details that have been released so far. We know for sure that Rick will be a mage-class character that plays with a majority of ranged attacks. Other characters that fit this description are Tom and Bugs Bunny, both of which are fantastic picks.

Rick Sanchez portals into the game. (Picture: Warner Bros.)

Based on the trailer so far, we can guess what Rick might have at his disposal. While Wonder Woman and Reindog are fighting, a bunch of Mr. Meeseeks appears through a portal. Mr. Meeseeks has already made appearances as an item in the game before.

Rick follows the Meeseeks through the portal, and of course, lets out a belch. When the full ability list comes out, it's likely that Rick Sanchez will have plenty of portals, ranged weapons, and some Meeseeks to keep the distance from opponents.

Season 1 has been moving fast and with two more characters on the horizon for MultiVersus, Rick can't be too far off. Then the iconic duo can be a fighting game team.

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Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros.