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All 40 Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory reward levels in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Season 4 has started with the foot on the gas as we have not stopped for a moment trying to collect all of the rewards available in NBA 2K22 MyTeam.
All 40 Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory reward levels in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

It is amazing to think that only a few blinks ago we were playing NBA 2K22 for the very first time, and now we, are welcoming the fourth season of the year with the arrival of Hunt 4 Glory.

Since its debut on 14th January, the official NBA 2K Twitter page has been flooded with news about everything that will be coming to the game and we are excited to share some great detail about one of the fan favourite game modes: MyTeam.

As usual, we will get 40 levels full of rewards for us but as the quantity of Galaxy Opal players has increased and new programs have been added, the rewards list has a completely different outlook compared to previous seasons.

The Chinese giant, Yao Ming, will be the most wanted reward in Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory

NBA 2K22 Season 4 MyTeam Rewards Loading
The “Ming Dynasty” could make a comeback as the Galaxy Opal item will be this season’s Grand Prize. (Picture: 2K Sports)

We are going to cut directly into the chase and let you know what each of all 40 levels will include as a reward for you to claim during Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory:

  • Level 1: Onyx Stephon Marbury
  • Level 2: Shot Creator Badge pack
  • Level 3: One Token
  • Level 4: Gold Shoe Boost Award pack
  • Level 5: Ascension!
  • Level 6: Base ‘22 NBA: Series 1 Award Pack
  • Level 7: Emerald 82 OVR Yuta Tabuse
  • Level 8: Three Tokens
  • Level 9: Post Scorer Badge pack
  • Level 10: Season 4 ball
NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 4 Progress List
Throughout the MyTeam season, you will receive other rewards like packs, badges and tokens. (Picture: 2K Sports)
  • Level 11: Ascension!
  • Level 12: Lockdown Defender Badge pack
  • Level 13: Sapphire 85 OVR Tim Legler
  • Level 14: Base Heat Check Award pack
  • Level 15: Slasher Badge pack
  • Level 16: Five Tokens
  • Level 17: Standard Heat Check Award pack
  • Level 18: Glass Cleaner Badge pack
  • Level 19: Ascension!
  • Level 20: Ruby 89 OVR Tyrone Hill
  • Level 21: Sharpshooter Badge pack
  • Level 22: Ascension!
  • Level 23: Standard Heat Check Award pack
  • Level 24: Amethyst 91 OVR Swen Nater
  • Level 25: Ten Tokens
  • Level 26: Ascension!
  • Level 27: Deluxe Heat Check Award pack
  • Level 28: Diamond 93 OVR Robert Reid
  • Level 29: New Year’s Resolution Deluxe Award pack
  • Level 30: Ascension!
  • Level 31: 30 Tokens
  • Level 32: Hunt 4 Glory Diamond Shoe pack
  • Level 33: Pink Diamond 95 OVR Bailey Howell
  • Level 34: Hunt 4 Glory Diamond Shoe Boost pack
  • Level 35: Diamond Coach Candace Parker
  • Level 36: Ascension!
  • Level 37: Diamond Contract pack
  • Level 38: Hunt 4 Glory Diamond Consumables pack
  • Level 39: Hunt 4 Glory Hall of Fame Badge Option pack
  • Level 40: Galaxy Opal 97 OVR Yao Ming

We definitely recommend you to progress as quickly as possible as this season will also feature the “Beyond Level 40” agenda which will grant you an option pack with all of the Grand Prizes of Season.

This option pack will include GO Maurice Lucas (Ascension Grand Prize), GO Tony Parker (Draft Grand Prize), GO Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Limited Grand Prize, GO Danny Granger (Unlimited Grand Prize) and the first Galaxy Opal Token Reward player: Baron Davis.


Feature image courtesy of 2K Sports.