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How to set a screen in NBA 2K22

Get your players in a position to make a play in NBA 2K22. Here's how to set a screen in NBA 2K22.
How to set a screen in NBA 2K22

One of the more important, but often forgotten about, mechanics in NBA 2K22 is setting a screen. It’s arguably one of the simplest plays in basketball but can be extremely important for a number of plays. 

However, despite its importance in the game, some players forget it exists or forgets how to call one for themselves or the  AI player. Setting a screen works two ways in NBA 2K22; the first way is calling on your own number to set a screen for a CPU-controlled teammate. The other way is calling for a CPU-controlled teammate to set a screen on your defender to get some shooting space or open up a passing lane for an excellent three-point shooter to get a shot off. 

In this article, we’ll go over exactly how players can set a screen for themselves or a teammate in NBA 2K22.

Setting a screen in NBA 2K22

how to set a screen in NBA 2K22
NBA 2K22 still features the same mechanics as in years past. (Picture: 2K)

The first step we’ll go over is calling for the CPU to set a screen for you. After all, most players will have the ball in their hands a majority of the time in NBA 2K22. When you have the ball, you’ll want the A.I. teammates to set screens for you to open up some space to create a scoring chance. 

To call for a teammate to set a screen, follow the commands below: 

  • For Xbox: Press LB 

  • For PlayStation: Press L1 

Pressing either LB/L1 will call for the nearest teammate to come over and set a screen for you. If you want to get a screen on a certain side, then you’ll want to face whatever direction you want the screen set.

how to set a screen in NBA 2K22
Point guards often call for screens on their defenders. (Picture: 2K)

Conversely, if you want to set a screen yourself for a teammate, then you can follow another set of commands: 

  • For Xbox: Press B near a defender 

  • For PlayStation: Press Circle near a defender 

The biggest thing with setting a screen yourself is making sure you’re close enough to the defender. You can set a screen for the ball handler but also a teammate off the ball to get them free and open up a scoring chance for them or yourself. As long as you’re close enough to the targeted defender, you’ll set a screen once you press B/Circle. 

That’s all there is to setting a screen in NBA 2K22.

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Featured image courtesy of 2K.