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NBA 2K21 4th of July rewards: Invincible Kevin Durant, DM Jaysom Tatum, Locker Room codes and more

To celebrate the US independence day, 2K has brought a basket full of patriotic gifts for every NBA 2K21 player to enjoy.
NBA 2K21 4th of July rewards: Invincible Kevin Durant, DM Jaysom Tatum, Locker Room codes and more

The North American country will be celebrating its 245th Independence anniversary and 2K is looking to fill everyone’s weekend with giveaways, special items and much more.

Earlier this week, 2K made the Pantheon: Team USA item series available in NBA 2K21 through packs including four invincible player items, including Carmelo Anthony, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen and Larry Bird. 

Similarly, the players can expect a bunch of Independence Day themed rewards this time, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what 2K has planned for NBA 2K21 players on the occasion of the American holiday celebration.

MyTeam Special Event

NBA 2K21 4th July MyTeam Special Event
(Picture: 2K Sports)

To start things on the right note, 2K released a series of diamond players that were part of Team USA through their several appearances in international events such as the Olympics or the Basketball World Cup.

In order to get the event rewards, you will have to play the NBA 2K21 Triple Threat game mode. This 3v3 battle follows the street rules of the classic twenty-one while adapting some of the NBA foul rules. The reward will vary based on whether you play online or offline in this game mode.

If you play online, you will get ball drops according to the amount of W’s earned. You can find an Invincible Kevin Durant, different from when you play offline, where you will open a vault with a random reward after each win and possibly earn a DM Jaysom Tatum.

MyTeam Locker Room Codes

The video game publisher also gifted us two special event locker codes for this weekend with a chance to earn tokens, VC or even a Pantheon: Team USA Pack in the game.

After you enter each code, you will earn a ball drop mini-game with a chance to win different prizes. The locker codes are:


How to redeem NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

NBA 2K21 4th July Locker Codes
(Picture: 2K Sports)

Using NBA 2K21 Locker Codes is quite easy; all you need to do is follow the steps as explained below:

  1. Launch NBA 2K21 and head to MyTEAM.
  2. Find the Extras, and once there, select "Locker Codes."
  3. Enter a code you would like to use and submit to redeem your reward. 
    MyTeam Free Pack

As a thank you for being part of the MyTeam community, you will receive a Deluxe Pantheon Team USA pack as a gift with a guaranteed player from the following list:

  • Invincible DM 2012 Carmelo Anthony (99 OVR)
  • Invincible DM 1992 David Robinson (99 OVR)
  • Invincible DM 1992 Scottie Pippen (99 OVR)
  • Invincible DM 1992 Larry Bird (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 LeBron James (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 Kobe Bryant (99 OVR)
  • DM 1992 Michael Jordan (99 OVR)
  • DM 1992 Magic Johnson (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 Kevin Durant (99 OVR)
  • DM 1992 Karl Malone (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 Chris Paul (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 James Harden (99 OVR)
  • DM 2012 Deron Williams (99 OVR)
  • DM 1992 Patrick Ewing (99 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Russell Westbrook (98 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Anthony Davis (98 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Kevin Love (98 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Andre Iguodala (98 OVR)
  • GO 2012 Tyson Chandler (98 OVR)
  • GO 1992 Clyde Drexler (98 OVR)
  • GO 1992 Chris Mullin (98 OVR)
  • GO 1992 John Stockton (98 OVR)
  • GO 1992 Christian Laettner (98 OVR)
NBA 2K21 4th July Independence Day Rewards
(Picture: 2K Sports)

Some players were experiencing issues while redeeming this free pack but 2K made sure to fix it in a few hours. If you have not received yours, make sure to restart your game or console and again look for rewards under “Unopened Packs”.

MyTeam Influencer Stream Giveaways

To round up this weekend, 2K partnered with some of the community favourites NBA2K streamers for you to enjoy a weekend full of green releases and gifts, as you will have the opportunity to earn items from the Pantheon: Team USA collection including and Invincible Carmelo Anthony.

You can check the full streams’ schedule below:

This could end up being a fantastic weekend for all the players as they revamp and upgrade their lineups with everything NBA 2K21 prepared for us!

Be on the lookout because we will bring you the latest news and tips on NBA 2K, Madden, FIFA and all your favourite sports games.