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NBA 2K21 MyTeam Limited Challenge Week 2 + Triple Threat Limited Rewards

If you are grinding Season 9 you should be able to collect your second ring at the Limited Challenge Week 2: Showdown.
NBA 2K21 MyTeam Limited Challenge Week 2 + Triple Threat Limited Rewards

Another weekend, another opportunity to bully your way into a second ring in the MyTeam Limited challenge during Season 9: Out of this World.

Earning a ring during Week 2 of this challenge will get you closer to earning this season’s grand prize.

Without further ado, we will tell you the lineup requirements to participate this weekend.

MyTeam Limited Season 9 Week 2

NBA 2K21 Invincible Toni Kukoc
You have the chance to win a 99 OVR Invincible Toni Kukoc (Picture: 2K Sports)

We have upon us the second week of this challenging adventure in order to complete the rings of the MyTeam Limited game mode.

This weekend we have the event named “Showdown” where we have to build a lineup with up to two Dark Matter or Invincible Players, with the rest of the lineup being Amethyst players or lower.

International Players as a Triple Threat Rewards

NBA 2K21 TTO Triple Threat Online International Rewards
An Invincible Kevin Durant will be the grand prize of Triple Threat Online until July 26th (Picture: 2K Sport)

As a side mission for this weekend, you will have the opportunity to embark on a journey to gather all the best players from all over the world to add to your collection.

Jump into the Triple Threat mode so you have the chance to earn these rewards in the offline version through the vault or in each reward tier on the online version.

Here you have a breakdown of all of the special items in each version of the game mode:

Triple Threat Online Rewards

  • 99 OVR Invincible Kevin Durant - USA
  • 99 OVR DM Rudy Gobert - France
  • 98 OVR GO Rui Hachimura - Japan
  • 98 OVR GO Danilo Gallinari - Italy
  • 96 OVR PD Nicolas Batum - France
  • 91 OVR Diamond Fernandez - Spain
  • 91 OVR Luis Scola - Argentina
  • 89 OVR Ruby Isaac Bonga - Germany

Triple Threat Offline Rewards

  • 99 OVR DM Zach LaVine - USA
  • 97 OVR GO Luka Doncic - Slovenia
  • 96 OVR PD KZ Okpala - Nigeria
  • 89 OVR Patrick Mills - Australia

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