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NBA 2K21 MyTeam: Season 9 Week 1 Limited, Kobe Signature Challenge

With Season 9: Out of this World already up and running, we have the first chance for a ring in the MyTeam Limited game mode.
NBA 2K21 MyTeam: Season 9 Week 1 Limited, Kobe Signature Challenge

Generally, we reach a point of the year where the transition feeling in-between games catch up, and you start looking ahead for next year's game instead of continuing to enjoy the one you have right now.

2K is doing everything in their power to push back the experience for its players before the launch of NBA 2K22 and we could not be more thankful.

With the start of Season 9, we had plenty of things to look for and also to play for as we start the journey for this season’s first Limited Weekend with “His Airness or The King”.

MyTeam Limited Season 9 Week 1

MyTeam Limted Event Season 9 Week 1
You have the chance to win a 99 OVR Invincible Toni Kukoc (Picture: NBA 2K21)

We have upon us the first week of a new adventure to complete the rings of the MyTeam Limited game mode.

Each weekend for the next three weeks we will have to build a lineup with the marked requirements in order to play for a chance to earn a MyTeam Limited ring.

This week we have the event named “His Airness or The King” where we have to build a lineup with any version of Michael Jordan or Lebron James, with the other players being  Ruby or below. Pick your G.O.A.T and shoot for that ring.

MyTeam Signature Challenge: Mamba’s goodbye

Kobe Bryant Signature Challenge Season 9
Re-live the magnificent Kobe Bryant’s 60-point performance on his last game (Picture: NBA 2K21)

NBA2K21 has been a beautiful, playable tribute to Kobe Bryant’s career and we could not move on to the next edition without one last homage.

The single-player game mode, Challenges, has now included a Signature Challenge with Kobe’s final performance in the NBA.

The 60-point gem has to be replicated with any Kobe Bryant item and if you don’t have that card you can enter the Locker Code MAMBA-FOREVER-2K21 for a guaranteed Amethyst Kobe Bryant.

MyTeam Locker Room Codes

NBA 2K21 ball drop
You can play a ball drop mini-game with a chance to win great prizes. (Picture: NBA 2K21)

If this is the first time you enter a Locker code don’t worry, we got you. You just need to do the following to redeem any valid code:

  1. Enter MyTeam game mode on the main menu
  2. Go to the Extras menu on the far right and access Locker Codes
  3. Enter a valid locker code (not cap sensitive)
  4. Play the ball drop mini-game to earn a prize

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