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NBA 2K22: Full MyTeam game mode guide

Drench yourself in knowledge before you jump head first into one of the most renovated game modes as MyTeam will bring a fresh look onto the upcoming NBA 2K22.
NBA 2K22: Full MyTeam game mode guide

With less than a week separating us from the official release of the upcoming NBA 2K22, we are ready to control the best basketball players in the world and guide them to victory while dropping some jaws and breaking some ankles in the way.

As the official gameplay trailer has been released we were already witnesses of what the game will look and feel whenever we play it but besides the obvious improvements in the game mechanics we will also experience a brand new atmosphere with some of the game modes.

Here we will specifically run through all the news and changes that the regular MyTeam players will experience whenever they come back for this year’s introduction.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam - Features

NBA 2K22 Triple Threat The 100
Triple Threat online was refurbished in its structure in order to allow players to stay motivated when streaking losses. (Picture: 2K Sports)

Together with MyCareer, MyTeam is definitely one of the fan favourite game modes as it allows players to create a full roster based on their likes and preferences and combine current icons with legends from the past.

As you have to do every year you will receive a base lineup that you can upgrade by buying packs, bidding on the auction house or completing tasks throughout the seasons to earn VC or items.

As the essence is kept unaltered many structural and mechanical adjustments were made to enhance the player experience and we will take you around for a tour so you get to know them before even playing them.

Some MyTeam game modes will be redesigned and amped up

The main example of this redesign will be the Triple Threat Online game mode which completely changed its mechanism where each win will help you reach a better prize tier but after three losses everything will be reset.

This year the theme is called The 100 which basically is the number of points that you have to allow in order to be reset so defence is now more important than ever, although you will be able to reach tier 2 prizes on every single run.

Pick Up challenges will be daily quests for rewards against an equal force as the AI will equalize power according to your roster, also the Skill challenges tab will host what was previously known as the weekly and moment challenges.

Skill challenges will also allow you to play them out of order which constructs a dynamic environment for the player as the pace won’t stall while you’re stuck on a certain task.

MyTeam will have special edition versions of certain items

NBA 2K22 Holo Cards
Special edition items could become your ultimate flex against your opponent.. (Picture: 2K Sports)

There’s a new way to flex your lineup in the face of your opponents as the Holographic items will make their debut in NBA 2K22 and with them an amazing. a fun way to brag about your MyTeam collection.

Although they will not represent an in-game advantage, besides the stunning looks, they will be necessary to complete a bunch of missions and objectives throughout the seasons.

These special edition items will be available mostly through pack opening albeit you may be able to snatch one from the auction market, which will probably mean that you will break the bank.

A brand new game mode will debut with MyTeam: Draft

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Draft
Quickly build a squad for the upcoming game from a constantly updated pool of players. (Picture: 2K Sports)

The Draft game mode within MyTeam is a brand new multiplayer mode that will allow you to select a full lineup from a group of packs that will offer a fresh playing experience every single time.

You will start with a Featured pack that includes three cards from the latest releases of programs and series of MyTeam and most likely will be the top dogs of your squad.

Then you will open other six positional packs to complete your roster and try to power your way through a victory while earning tokens, VC or player items.

Craft your own shoes for the NBA 2K22 courts in the MT Shoe Lab.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Show Lab
You can create your “perfect” show as you can customize which attributes help you better. (Picture: 2K Sports)

One of the main MyTeam feedbacks was that most of the MyTeam shoes were disappointing as not only they had to match a players sponsorship, they were completely tied to a certain ability.

Now you will be able to access the MT Shoe Lab to create your own shoes from scratch and assign them. beyond a fire appearance, your own collection of attributes that help you maximize your playing strategy.

With all this coming to the game in about a week, who wouldn’t be excited to hibernate in your room and get ourselves ready to unload a bunch of energy, passion scores at the beloved hardwood.

In the meantime. make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every NBA 2K release, news, MyTeam tips and more.