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NBA 2K22 introduces a new game mode within MyTeam: Draft

You will be able to experience an abridged version of the whole MyTeam in one place as the newest game mode, Draft, arrives at NBA 2K22.
NBA 2K22 introduces a new game mode within MyTeam: Draft

The NBA 2K22 hype train has officially left the station as the community has expressed their praise for a game that had gigantic expectations.

One of the main things that 2K is getting praise for is the revamped playing mechanics which make every single game mode feel fresh.

We obviously have the classic game modes like MyNBA (Franchise) or MyCareer, a few twitched ones like TripleThreat Online: The 100 and also a brand new one that can some become a fan favourite: MyTeam Draft.

MyTeam Draft brings a levelled playing court to NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Draft Box
In order to play this game mode, you will have to earn Draft tickets through other game modes and rewards within MyTeam. (Picture: 2K Sports)

What is great about this game mode is that for NBA fans it’s almost intuitive how it's going to work, for those who aren’t that familiar we will break everything down.

In order to play, you will have to redeem a Draft ticket. You start the game with three of those but you could earn more by completing objectives or as rewards from winning in other game modes.

After you give up your ticket, you can open a Draft Box that includes seven packs, one per position on the field, one for coaches and a feature pack of the latest item program released.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Draft Feature Packs
Throughout the year this game mode will have available the latest released series so you can test players from different programs. (Picture: 2K Sports)

Each positional pack has five player items, you should then flip three of them and pick two of the flipped cards to join your team. Those cards are base set but could range from the gold to the ruby tier.

The same process goes for the Coaches pack, you get five cards, flip three and then pick two, but the only one that works differently is the Feature pack as regardless of the program it will only contain three cards and all of them will join your squad.

After that, you will end up with a thirteen man roster and then you can go ahead and play online matches with other players in a regular NBA format.

The game mode follows the same structure as the TripleThreat online last year, which mean that three losses will reset your journey and after each win, you will earn picks for the Ascension! mini-game, instead of the drop ball one.


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Feature image courtesy of 2K.