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NBA 2K22 welcomes Primetime, the second item series for MyTeam

We recommend you start freeing a spot in your roster as the Primetime series lands in MyTeam with some of the most clutch performers in NBA history.
NBA 2K22 welcomes Primetime, the second item series for MyTeam

Generally, a week after a sport's game release the dust starts to settle down as the players get the hang of the mechanics and ballers start to navigate in auto-pilot.

At least in our eyes, this has been different with NBA 2K22 as many things are different from last year’s game and those changes have accommodated the expectations of the community.

Following those lines of constant change, we received a brand new item program in MyTeam with the release of Primetime that arrives to the marketplace for you to bolster your squad.

Primetime series is now live at the MyTeam marketplace in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 Primetime Chris Paul
The Suns’ point guard is looking for revenge after losing the NBA finals and can also help your team with its Primetime item. (Picture: 2K Sports)

Different to the Colossal series this program aims to be a tad more exclusive as only six players were added under that theme.

If you ask us, that is understandable as it goes aligned with the series as there are only a handful of players in NBA history that can really outshine the spotlight of the best game of the day, commonly denominated “primetime games”.

The six players included in the Primetime series are:

  • Diamond 92 OVR Chris Paul - Phoenix Suns
  • Diamond 92 OVR Tim Duncan - San Antonio Spurs
  • Amethyst 90 OVR Jerry Stackhouse - Detroit Pistons
  • Amethyst 90 OVR Bradley Beal - Washington Wizards
  • Ruby 88 OVR Lauri Markennen - Chicago Bulls
  • Sapphire 85 OVR Marvin Bagley III - Sacramento Kings
NBA 2K22 MyTeam Primetime Marketplace
Make sure to snatch some Primetime items before they expire a week from today. (Picture: 2K Sports)

Head onto the marketplace and buy some Primetime packs or bundles, each pack contains five items, one of them being a player with a chance of pulling someone from the Primetime program.

You can buy each pack individually for 7,500 VC or 10,500 MT, buy a 10-pack bundle for 67,500 VC or a 20-pack bundle for 135,000 VC, which any of those two represent a 10% savings against individual purchases.

Whether you like Paul at the “1” or Tim Duncan at the “5”, we totally recommend you to start collecting this series as soon as possible because this game poses a bigger and better challenge.


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