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Embiid, Curry, Wemby on the move in NBA 2K24 Ratings Update

The first major NBA 2K24 ratings update has arrived with key roster moves and several players on the way up.
Embiid, Curry, Wemby on the move in NBA 2K24 Ratings Update

The first major NBA 2K24 ratings update is finally here, and some of the top players in the league are on the move. With the first games of the NBA season in the books, real-world performances are being used to determine who should be the best in the game.

Now that dozens of players are seeing their NBA 2K24 ratings rise and fall, we'll take a look at some of the names leading this roster shift. Some are the veterans you expect to excel, but young Victor Wembanyama is already on the move.

Embiid and Curry lead NBA 2K24 Ratings Update


The wait is finally over as the NBA 2K24 roster gets a much needed update with several player ratings also on the move. All the major trades and player jumps will be reflected in-game including Damian Lillard heading to the Bucks, James Harden joining the Clippers, and the Celtics adding Porzingis and Holiday.

Near the top of the pack, we've got reigning MVP Joel Embiid already on track to set himself up as a back-to-back winner and boosted to 97 OVR because of his impressive start to the year. Steph Curry is also up to 97 OVR in this NBA 2K24 ratings update, and that makes them the two highest rated changes in this roster shift.

Just below them, Luka Doncic got a slight boost to hit 96 OVR, but it wasn't all good across the board. Jimmy Butler slipped one point down to 94 OVR, Damian Lillard dipped down to 93 OVR, and a rough start saw Kawhi Leonard saw his NBA 2K24 ratings lose two whole points to now sit at 92 OVR.

Was rookie Victor Wembanyama somehow underrated?

NBA 2K24 Season 2 Wemby

So here's the thing very few people expected when the news got announced: did NBA 2K24 actually shortchange the highest rated rookie in series history? Victor Wembanyama was already a highly touted prospect coming in this year, and the hype was truly next level for Wemby.

So much so that he was given an 84 OVR rating when NBA 2K24 launched, and that decision made him the highest rated rookie in NBA 2K history. Of course, it immediately came with speculation about the likelihood of him being overrated or unproven, surely some people insisting the Spurs team wouldn't be enough and it would take longer for him to adjust.

Instead, Wemby has been on fire to start his career including a 38-point and 10-rebound game proving himself against Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns. As a result, the NBA 2K24 ratings already have him on the way up to an 86 OVR. When was the last time a rookie hit 90 OVR on the main NBA 2K roster during their first season? Never? It's gotta be never, right?