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Can you have multiple shoe deals in NBA 2K24?

Get your NBA 2K24 endorsements money rolling in MyCAREER, but can that include multiple shoe deals?
Can you have multiple shoe deals in NBA 2K24?
GINX/Patches Chance

One of the best ways to rack up VC in MyCAREER is with the various NBA 2K24 endorsements players can score. This kickcs off early with a shoe deal, but those bonuses are so enticing players are hoping to snag more than one. Here, we'll break down whether or not you can have multiple shoe deals in NBA 2K24.

Can you have multiple shoe deals in NBA 2K24?

Can you have multiple shoe deals in NBA 2K24

No, you can only have one active shoe deal in NBA 2K24. Early in your MyCAREER journey, you'll get a series of options for your initial shoe deal endorsement. Betting big on a shoe deal with a major bonus can help, but be sure you pick one you've got a chance at actually pulling off.

As your MyCAREER journey continues, you'll have the opportunity to sign more endorsements over time. While you can have other endorsements on top of your current shoe deal, you'll have to wait for the active shoe deal to expire before you can sign a new one.

Of course, if your current shoe deal isn't working out and you feel like success at the end of your season isn't in the cards, there's always the choice of starting over. After spending some time in MyCAREER, you should have a better idea of your preferred playstyle and the areas where you excel and struggle.

Before you kick off a new save file, check out our guide to the best builds in NBA 2K24. Make sure you're setting yourself up with the best badges as well, and then you can pick a new NBA 2K24 shoe deal you're confident will net you the ever-important VC bonus.