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NBA 2K24 VC Glitch for Easy MyCAREER Grind

Do your best to stay No Money Spent while on the rise and use the latest NBA 2K24 VC Glitch for an easy grind to the top.
NBA 2K24 VC Glitch for Easy MyCAREER Grind

With increasingly enormous amounts of VC needed each year to max out your MyPLAYER, it's no surprise that players are already hunting for the best NBA 2K24 VC glitch on the market. Things can change throughout the year as new methods emerge and old ones get patched out by updates, but there are tried and true ways to start beefing up your wallet as soon as possible.

We'll go over the NBA 2K24 VC glitch everyone is fixated on as well as the best fast and easy grind methods so you have everything you need to stay game ready in MyCAREER and MyTEAM.

NBA 2K24 VC Glitch for MyCAREER


First up, the most potentially lucrative method and the NBA 2K24 VC glitch everyone is getting hyped about around launch comes via your MyCAREER games. For players on current gen this will be even easier, as you'll primarily just be playing games then intentionally fouling out.

We also suggest not using your regular MyCAREER save and build for this method, as rushing through games could negatively impact your badge progression and stats for that MyCAREER run. Make a new MyPLAYER build at Center and pour everything into defensive stats. Once created, simply push through as many career games as possible, and current gen players need only foul out to still reap the contract rewards for completing a career game.

For next gen players, fouling out of a game doesn't net VC this year, so you'll instead need to rack up no more than five fouls as a sixth will nullify VC for the game. You'll likely be benched after some of them, so it may take you most of the game to reach that maximum of five, after which point you simply want to set screens and wait for the final minutes to play out.

When you first begin, you'll get a standard 650 VC salary per game that can be increased later on in MyCAREER if you sign a more lucrative contract. You'll also get an extra 150 VC per game for playing a Key Game in MyCAREER. Together, you can reliably get 800+ VC per game with a little extra rolling in if you play on Hall of Fame difficulty and can improve your teammate grade near the end of the game.

Easy MyNBA Eras Passive Grind Method


The next beloved NBA 2K24 VC glitch method to rack things up comes from MyNBA Eras or the new MyNBA Lite as last year's passive grind is back. The level of setup you do for this one is to some extent up to your own personal preference, as you can really crank it up by using custom rosters or editing players to make sure you're wielding a squad of 99 OVRs against weakened opponents.

However, you can also just drop into any new MyNBA Eras or MyNBA Lite save to get the game grinding. Winning or losing your games, much less playing them, won't factor into the VC you earn this way. Instead, you'll be using the wonders of SimCast Live to speed things up game by game while automating as much as possible during setup so there are less interruptions as you jump from game to game.

Once you've got a save ready for this method, the only change you need to make is to set quarter length to 12 minutes. Both played and SimCast Live games in MyNBA provide VC on a scale based on the quarter length, so while a game with 1 minute quarters will only net you 10 VC, a game with 12 minute quarters will net you 300 VC.

It may not seem like much, but with SimCast Live you can crank the speed up to 6x and leave it running while you stream your favorite show or do something else on a different screen. The only thing you may have to do is a single button tap once or twice per game to get past a timeout and nudge the simulation rolling again, but for the most part this trick takes care of itself.

Best ways to earn VC quickly while playing online


Finally, if you're looking to grind while actively playing NBA 2K24 then the best bet is going to be MyCAREER. Completing quests is a fantastic way to earn VC, and some regular options like weekly races and daily challenges are always a good bet.

If you have friends to play with, hitting 3v3 Pro-Am as a squad is usually a great way to rack up VC especially if you can win semi-regularly. If you're on a winning streak that seems to have magnified the difficulty, you can try to disband your team then create a new one to reset the quality of opponents you'll be up against.

However, we do not recommend using boosting methods by setting up games both with and against friends online with the express purpose of rigging the games to grind VC. This is prohibited by 2K and has already been the cause of the first ban waves to hit players.

Ultimately, nothing is going to give you quite as much VC as elite play when on Hall of Fame difficulty. If you can master things at that level, it'll help you power through NBA 2K24 from every potential angle. Of course, you can always use the 2KTV Answers to score some free VC that way too.