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NBA 2K24 The Rec Guide: Difficulty Tips and Best Builds

With so many different ways to play NBA 2K24 MyCAREER, use our guide to The Rec for tips and tricks to get the most out of every game.
NBA 2K24 The Rec Guide: Difficulty Tips and Best Builds

After spending some time focusing on story based content last year, NBA 2K24 has made The Rec and even more important piece of the MyCAREER experience. Thanks to the massive addition of a No Squads option, you'll have more opportunities to play in this chaotic and challenging mode.

Before you dive into MyCAREER, our NBA 2K24 The Rec guide has the tips and tricks you need going in. We've also got some of the best builds in NBA 2K24 that might be right for you in The Rec.

What Is 'The Rec' In NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 The Rec

One of several game modes within NBA 2K24 MyCAREER, you'll find The Rec near the beachfront area on the southern end of the map in The City. While this 5v5 pickup game mode has been in the series before, NBA 2K24 is the first to also introduce a No Squads option for players. 

If you're planning to hop into The Rec with friends you actively play alongside in NBA 2K24, you'll want to Squad Up in The City before heading into The Rec so you can go with the Squads option. You could still have to deal with having AI teammates if your squad isn't a full 5-person unit, but you'll at least be up against other groupings facing similar struggles.

If you prefer to play solo or don't have anyone to Squad Up with one night, you can use the No Squads option inside The Rec. This will randomly match you with other solo players to form a 5-player squad against another team created in the same way.

One thing you really need to keep in mind with The Rec in NBA 2K24 is that every game is different. You might have one where your team is clicking perfectly, but sometimes a mixture of poor play from other online teammates, someone quitting and causing you to have AI teammates, or particularly dominant opponents can come together and make things feel like a nightmare.

All you can really do is focus on your own play, try to make the most of the teammates you have, and hope the luck of the draw is more in your favor for the next game. If you want to make sure you're ready for battle, we've got more on the best builds in NBA 2K24 below.

Best Builds for The Rec

NBA 2K24 Rec Builds

While much of your experience in The Rec will depend on the teammates you have, you can make sure you're prepped for success by bringing in one of the best builds in NBA 2K24. We recently took a closer look at the best options across every position, including a few that are better for The Rec or Pro Am:

Make sure to look at your build options for the position (or positions) you prefer to play, but keep in mind that each build is a major investment. Whether you're planning to grind the build up or purchase VC to upgrade them, in either case it's far more important you're using a build that plays to your own strengths and one you'll enjoy using long term.

Spend some time playing with various builds via the Test Build feature, or play some in offline modes like Play Now or MyNBA Eras. Once you know your preferred style of play, it'll make a huge difference in knowing what kind of build is actually your perfect fit in NBA 2K24 for The Rec or any MyCAREER mode.

What difficulty is The Rec in NBA 2K24?

If you've noticed that things feel different in The Rec compared to the rest of NBA 2K24, that's going to be a mix of difficulty changes and partially influenced by overall ratings. Unfortunately, this got a bit more complex in with so many people going the No Squads route.

While some players have suggested The Rec difficulty sits between Superstar and Hall of Fame levels, it will vary based on your player and your teammates. The Rec in previous years has provided less challenging competition in the form of AI players if all players in a game are 92 OVR or under, but anyone above that threshold can trigger more difficult opponents.

If you're struggling in The Rec, the best thing you can do is get reps in it and other online modes. Timing can vary on shooting and lots of moves based on the game mode and your internet connection, and it takes practice to adjust. 

How do you equip The Rec shoes in NBA 2K24?

NBA 2K24 The Rec Shoes

If you're having issues getting shoes onto your player in The Rec, that could be due to an early bug that further NBA 2K24 updates have remedied for some players. If you're still having this problem, it's because the glitch is causing the shoes option not to appear under your MyPLAYER appearance choices for The Rec. 

One workaround players have seen success with is going to your Pro-Am clothing selections and picking shoes there. Allow the shoes section to load before heading back to The Rec options where shoes will hopefully now be selectable. If you still are having issues, you can submit a report to 2K Support about the bug.