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How to check New World server status: Are the servers down?

Wondering if the New World servers are down, and want to check the server status? We've got you covered with a guide so you can plan your MMO game time.
How to check New World server status: Are the servers down?

As an online-only game, players join New World servers across the globe to venture into the island of Aeternum. Just like any other MMO, there's bound to be some server downtime, as scheduled maintenance takes place to push out new updates, and New World is no different in this respect. This is why players will need to know if the New World servers are down, and find a reliable way of checking the server status for maintenance. Don't worry, we've got you covered so you can plan your playtime and level up in Aeternum.

Are the New World servers down?

To find out if the New World servers are down or not is actually quite simple. Developer Amazon Games announces server maintenance on social media, for example, on the New World Twitter account. The latest server downtime for the New World Closed Beta is expected to end at roughly 14:00 CEST. 

But what if you don't see any announcements? Well, you can also check the server status of the specific server and region you are playing in.

That's just as easy, thankfully, as all you need to do is head on over to the New World server status page.

New World servers down server status how to check connection issues
Screenshot of the New World server page during maintenance on 23rd July(Picture: Amazon Games)

On the New World server status page, you can select the region you are playing on, and check if your server is online.

If your server is online and you are still experiencing connection issues, we suggest you check out our full guide on troubleshooting these issues.

New World Closed Beta 23 July patch notes

The New World Closed Beta received some patch notes as the developers have pushed out an update on 23rd July. Check out the patch notes for New World's Closed Beta below, which include server stability improvements.

  • Continued improvements on stability to mitigate server crashes
  • Audio for text to speech volume now controlled by Master Volume
  • If there are more than 1 world that meets the requirements for being a recommended world, then the user will be offered a random world from this list of worlds.
  • Text to speech messages stop being read the moment the setting is turned off.
  • Flickering fog will no longer be seen throughout Edengrove and Weaver’s Fen territories.
  • The northern Point of Interest boundaries for the Crescent Window now update when the player cross them, allowing users to discover Inkwell Cave from all sides.
  • Fishing will no longer cause crashes
  • Time needed to receive new Tradeskill Community Missions now has increased

So there you have it, a surefire way to know if the New World servers are up or down! If they are up, and you've exhausted network troubleshooting methods, then we suggest that you contact Customer Support

Don't forget to check out our dedicated New World section, filled with guides, news, and much more for the inhabitants of Aeternum.