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How to find Fish Roe in New World

Fish Roe is yet another resource that can only be acquired via fishing in New World.
How to find Fish Roe in New World

Fishing is one of the most useful aspects of New World, with many resources coming from the creatures that inhabit the water sources of Aeternum. Fish Roe is among these resources that can be acquired via the Fishing trade skill

Whether players need Fish Roe for some kind of quest or to make Caviar Crostini, they’re struggling to find the resource. While it, of course, seems obvious that Fish Roe is acquired by fishing, players aren’t sure in what manner they need to fish. There are different fish that can be caught, varying kinds of bait and separate water sources. 

Due to all of these factors, players need some guidance on how to proceed in regard to acquiring Fish Roe in New World. 

Finding Fish Roe in New World 

Fishing roe New World
Fishing is used to acquire Fish Roe along with other resources. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Fish Roe is only derived from sturgeon and paddlefish in New World. As veterans of the game will know, these types of fish are mainly found in freshwater, meaning you can fish at various lakes and rivers to find the fish you’re looking for. Of course, you can also go to Fishing Hotspots with the rest of the fishermen in Aeternum. 

To haul in some Fish Roe, you’ll need to catch at least an uncommon fish but a rare fish will yield better results. As for the bait you want to use, Woodlouse is what seems to be working best but Firefly bait is also known to be effective. 

New World how to find fishing roe
Fishing is one of many trade skills in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

After you’ve caught your sturgeon or paddlefish of at least uncommon value, you need to salvage it in your inventory. This is done by right-clicking on the fish in your inventory and pressing the salvage option. If you’re lucky enough, then you’ll loot some Fish Roe off of the salvaged creature. If not, you can keep trying with other fish. 

Once you have it, you can make your Caviar. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.