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How to find Nightcrawler Bait in New World

You need to bait to be able to fish in New World and Nightcrawler Bait is a start.
How to find Nightcrawler Bait in New World

Fishing is an underrated part of New World and many players are beginning to figure out how to best utilize it. 

Aside from levelling up the Fishing trade skill, players can also catch themselves a plethora of potential food to keep them healthy during dungeon runs for weeks on end. As such, fishing should be a part of any New World player’s repertoire. 

However, in order to start fishing, players will need a couple of items. The fishing rod is, of course, the first item players need. After that, though, players are required to have some bait on hand in order to actually catch the fish in the water they throw their line into. 

The problem is that players aren’t sure what bait to use. Well, starting out, there’s no better option than the Nightcrawler Bait. 

Finding Nightcrawler Bait in New World 

New World night crawler bait where to find
Fishing is a vital trade skill in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

To start, Nightcrawler Bait is only used for fishing in saltwater. Saltwater holds some advanced fish, so you want to acquire as much of it as possible. 

As for where you can find Nightcrawler Bait, the answer is fairly close to where you’ll actually be doing your fishing. Right around any water source, you can find flint on the ground, which is a resource used in crafting that you’re going to need early on in New World. 

When you’re adding flint to your inventory, there’s also a chance that a piece of Nightcrawler Bait will also be added. Nightcrawlers like to hide under the flint rocks so there’s a chance that the flint you pick up will hold one of the creatures that you can then use for bait while fishing. 

Nightcrawler New World
Fishing has multiple benefits in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The most plentiful water sources you can find are located in Monarch’s Bluffs, Restless Shore and Brightwood. Just keep searching for flint and you should have a decent amount of Nightcrawler Bait by the end of your endeavour. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.