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How to find nutmeg in New World

A valuable herb that players can collect throughout Aeternum.
How to find nutmeg in New World

Cooking is one of the most important trade skills that players can level up in New World and they need a variety of ingredients to help level up the skill and craft better recipes. nutmeg is one of the ingredients that players need at some point but aren’t sure where they can find it. 

Nutmeg is one of 12 pure herbs in New World and like the others in Aeternum, it’s fairly rare to find out in the world. Some players may have not even encountered it yet during their time with the MMORPG, which is quite puzzling. 

However, Nutmeg has a simple gathering process but players will need to work for it. Below, they can see exactly where to acquire nutmeg in New World. 

Finding nutmeg in New World

How to find nutmeg New World
Players need to scour Aeternum to find all it has to offer. (Picture: Amazon Games)

To keep it quick and simple, you can find nutmeg by harvesting herb plants in New World. The herb plants are scattered all across Aeternum and all you need to do is find one and hope that it yields you some nutmeg. There’s not a guaranteed chance that the herb you’ll acquire is nutmeg, though, so you might need to find a slew of these plants before you gather the ingredient you’re after. 

In order to harvest a herb plant, all you need is a sickle. There’s no harvesting level requirement, so you can start this process in your first couple of hours with New World. 

In terms of where you want to search, First Light holds the largest abundance of herb plants in Aeternum. However, you can also search Windsward and Weaven’s Fen, which also hold a solid amount of the harvestable plants. 

New World Herb plant first light
The herb plant locations in First Light. (Picture: Fextralife Wiki)

As long as you stay diligent and patient when in any region, you’ll eventually acquire some nutmeg for high-tier cooking recipes in New World. 


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.