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How to find Obsidian Flux in New World

One of the rarer resources in New World is Obsidian Flux and it’s difficult to find.
How to find Obsidian Flux in New World

Obsidian Flux is one of the highest-tier smelting resources that players can obtain in New World. It’s used in high-level crafting to create weapons and armour, so, naturally, players want to know how to get their hands on it as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately for those players, the process of acquiring Obsidian Flux can be somewhat random in New World. There aren’t specific ore veins that players can mark on their map and visit to mine this most precious resource.

Instead, players will need to rely on chance in order to acquire the Obsidian Flux they desire in New World. Luckily, we lay out the full process and specific locations for the resource below. 

Finding Obsidian Flux in New World 

New World Obsidian Flux
Obsidian Flux isn’t found until far into the game. (Picture: Amazon Games)

There are a couple of requirements for you to even have a chance at acquiring Obsidian Flux in New World. The first of these is to be at least level 30 but closer to level 35 is preferred. The reason why is because Obsidian Flux is only found in level 34-58 zones. 

The zones that have this level range are Weaver’s Fen, Ebonscale Reach, Morningdale, Restless Shore, Great Cleave and Edengrove. Once you are in these regions, you can begin searching the various villages and farms for Supply Crates and Ancient Chests. 

Obsidian Flux is only available through these two means, which is where luck comes into play. You’ll have to keep searching the chests until you find the amount of Obsidian Flux you’re looking for. If you want to view where you can find all of the available Supply Crates and Ancient Chests within each region, check out New World’s Interactive Map. You can filter any loot items that you want from there. 

New World obsidian Flux
The endgame might require some Obsidian Flux in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Once you’ve found some Obsidian Flux, you can craft the specific gear that you’ve been holding off on. 


If you need a refresher on New World, make sure to check out our guides for the game on our dedicated section. 

Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.