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New World weaponsmithing guide: What is weaponsmithing? How to level up, more

Here’s the complete guide to weaponsmithing levelling in New World to get higher tier weapons faster.
New World weaponsmithing guide: What is weaponsmithing? How to level up, more

Weaponsmithing is an essential crafting skill in New World. Through weaponsmithing, players can craft a multitude of weapons and supporting gear, like shields, to take with them into battle or sell at Trading Posts.

In this guide, we’re covering the basics of weaponsmithing, how to level up and more.

What is weaponsmithing?

The skill of weaponsmithing requires the ability to craft weapons for different tiers at specialised crafting stations known as forges. This skill, directly associated with gathering and mining, is one of the most popular and coveted skills found in New World.

Weaponsmithing is an important skill to learn and master in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Weaponsmithing is a great skill to master especially for players who don’t enjoy having to wait for enemies to drop weapons or having to complete a quest just for a specific weapon to be rewarded. The process can be long-winded though as players will need to gather resources and mine metals.

How to level your weaponsmithing skill?

The way to increase your weaponsmithing skill is by crafting weapons from the weaponsmithing skill tree. Players can access this skill tree by going to the Trade Skills tab in the character menu and looking for Weaponsmithing. Here, players can view which weapons fall under this skill and smith these weapons to increase their skill level.

Make use of forges located at every settlement in Aeternum to view weapon blueprints. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Another method is by viewing the weapon blueprints at a specialised crafting station, known as Forges. They can be identified with a hammer and anvil symbol beside the weapon’s name on the blueprint.

A great way to increase your weaponsmithing skill is to bulk smith a weapon. Whether it be a rapier, longsword or Great Axe, bulk smithing a weapon can be quicker as you will need the same materials for each one. So all you need to do is stockpile the requirements and you can stay at the forge for longer.

Avoid weaponsmithing Tier I weapons in New World. (Picture: Amazon Games)

However, players are advised not to bulk smith Tier 1 weapons. This ends up being a waste of time and resources as you don't earn enough XP from these Tier 1 weapons.

If you do bulk craft a weapon you can then salvage them at the very same forge in return for materials and repair parts. This can help free up space in your inventory and recycle some materials.

Salvage unused and bulk weapons for resources and repair parts. (Picture: Amazion Games)

Tips on increasing your weaponsmithing skill faster

As your character level increases in New World, the demand for higher-tier weapons and armour will increase too. That means you will want to get your weaponsmithing up too so you can continue to make gear that is suitable for your character's level.

To do this quicker, players will need to continue crafting and earn XP. As your level increases, players will be able to craft better quality weapons and armour.

Increase your weaponsmithing skill by continuously smithing weapons for XP. (Picture: Amazon Games)

There are certain weapons that reward more XP than others. For instance, smithing two-handed weapons, like bows and Warhammers, will give more XP than one-handed weapons.

Additionally, not all weapons will contribute to increasing your weaponsmithing skill. Examples of this are hatchets and spears which will increase your engineering skill and not weaponsmithing.

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.