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How to fix New World blurry graphics and text

A step-by-step guide to fixing blurry graphics and/or text in New World without having to reinstall the game.
How to fix New World blurry graphics and text

Amazon's thrilling, open-world MMO set on the island of Aeternum, New World, has a lot to offer for players. It's rich in content and exceedingly enjoyable, based on our experience in the Closed Beta. Since this is a testing phase for New World, there have been some issues that players can fix.

In the past, we covered connectivity woes, as well as crashes and black screens. Some issues, however, are fortunately less severe than others. If you've been experiencing blurry graphics and/or text during your time with New World, we've got some good news. You can fix it yourself by following this handy guide!

New World blurry graphics and text: How to fix

To fix blurry graphics and/or text in New World, you will have to go through a few technical steps. Before proceeding with our technical steps, you should try adjusting your native screen resolution.

You should also check to see if your graphics drivers are updated to the latest version and if you meet the minimum system requirements for New World. If none of these steps worked and you are still experiencing blurry graphics and text in New World, we've got another solution to share.

New World blurry graphics text how to fix solution steps issues
(Picture: Amazon Games)

Follow the step-by-step guide below, per the instruction from the developers. We've personally tested these steps on 26th July 2021 to solve the blurry graphics and text issue in New World's Closed Beta.

  • Make sure New World is closed.
  • Go to “New World” in your Steam Library.
  • Click on "Settings", then click on "Manage", followed by clicking on "Browse Local Files".
  • Right-click on NewWorldLauncher and click properties.
  • Click Compatibility.
  • Click "Change High DPI Settings ".
  • This will open a dialogue box - to select (checkbox) "Override high DPI scaling behaviour" Make sure for Scaling performed by: “Application” is selected, then click "Ok".
  • Run New World to enjoy its crisp graphics, leaving those blurry issues behind.
New World blurry graphics text how to fix solution problem issues graphical
(Screengrab from Wessel Minnie)

If everything fails and you are still experiencing New World blurry graphics or text, we suggest that you contact Customer Support.

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