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Is Amazon's New World MMO a dead game?

Amazon Game Studios' debut title New World MMO has lost nearly its entire player base, with the daily peak players dropping below 100,000 since launch. Is New World dead?
Is Amazon's New World MMO a dead game?

It's no secret that Amazon Game Studios' debut game title New World had a rocky launch, set back by lengthy queue times that compelled players to review-bomb the game on Steam. While the developers ameliorated an array of post-launch exploits, bugs and glitches with several major patch updates, it doesn't appear to have done much to deter players from abandoning the game.

According to a Reddit post on 16th December by user UsualInitial, when New World launched, it peaked at over 900,000 players; however, the daily peak player count has dwindled ever since, dropping weekly since the game launched. More recently, the daily peak players dropped below the 100,000 mark for the first time, leading many players to prophesize New World's inevitable demise.

Is Amazon's New World MMO a dead game?

According to Steam Charts, the number of New World players peaked at 98,664 on 15th December at 20:00 UTC, dropping to a nadir of 10,478 players by the following day at 13:00 UTC globally, representing a reduction by nearly 90% in under 24-hours.

Redditor UsualInitial noted, "Now, if these 98k peak payers (or even 48k during off-peak hours) were all concentrated in a few servers, this would not be an issue; you would still find people to play with."

However, Amazon Game Studios has a maximum server capacity of 2,000 concurrent players, which means that most low or medium population servers have little to no players. You need only look at the player activity heatmap below to confirm that this is true.

Lintukoto player activity new world mmo
Player activity on Lintukoto, previously regarded as a "medium" population server in New World. (Picture: New World Status)

"During off-peak hours, you frequently see <100 players (meanly you will barely find anyone in this MMO) and even during peak hours, there are barely more than 300 players max," the Reddit user correctly noted.

At the time of writing, the Reddit post has received over 10,000 upvotes with over 1,200 comments by players expressing their disappointment with the game.

So the question begs, is New World truly dying and is there anything Amazon Game Studios can do to stop the bleed of players quitting the game?

Well, based on the evidence above, it seems that New World is dying. However, only time will tell if Amazon Game Studios can stop the bleed of players from New World before the game is, indeed, completely dead.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.