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New World devs rolls back EU server after mistakenly gifting players 300K gold

New World developers Amazon Games were forced to roll back their EU server by a few hours after mistakenly gifting players up to 300K in gold in their cashback compensation scheme.
New World devs rolls back EU server after mistakenly gifting players 300K gold

Amazon Games were forced to roll back the New World central European server after accidentally gifting New World players up to 300,000 gold.

The developers noted that the cashback compensation scheme was intended as a catch up for players who lost gold through in-game tax losses. However, a separate database modification rendered resulted in an unintentional, overgenerous payout.

Why did New World devs roll back the EU Central server?

In a Twitter post on 24th November, New World devs announced that they were "investigating an issue with player coin compensation and had to take the EU Central region into maintenance mode," which was later restored nearly a day later.

In an official blog post on the New World Forums, developer Lane explained that shortly after their patch went live, "a separate database modification in EU was executed to grant catch up funds for players affected by in-game tax losses since the November feature release."

The developer continued, saying, "This database change mistakenly granted very large sums not reflective of the intended amounts." So naturally, players then spent the money, and once the developers realised their mistake, they took the servers down to diagnose and resolve the problem.

new world mmo cashback compensation scheme gold glitch
Some New World players received up to 300K in gold after a cashback glitch. (Picture: Amazon Game Studios)

"Upon examination, it was clear that there was no clean path to reversing only the players who were granted money [...] We, therefore, made the decision to roll back characters, companies and the trading post to 12:45 PM CET, which is just before the database modification was implemented," the developer further noted.

To address the trading post contracts, Lane also stated that "while the trading post database is being restored," it will be unavailable until the operation has been completed.

Lane further added, "This change impacts only the trading post, and other forms of wealth transfer such as player to player transfers, house payments and company income are available and unaffected by this temporary change."

gold dupe exploit new world mmo
This is not the first gold-related issue in New World. (Picture: Amazon Game Studios)

In a more recent update, Lane said that they will continue to resolve the trading post contracts issue, further noting, "We now know this will some take time and then we'll need to test and verify the results."

Indeed, New World developers have had it rough, from its botched launch that saw thousands of players review bomb the game's store page with negative reviews to the more recent "gold dupe" bug. But, on the bright side, things can't get any worse, or can they? We'll have to wait to find out.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Game Studios.