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New World: How to get ginger

Here's a guide on how to get ginger in New World, a spice available in the game that can be used as an ingredient to cook various dishes.
New World: How to get ginger

New World includes various ingredients that are required to cook various dishes in the game. One of them being ginger, which is required to cook herb-roasted squash, honey brew, venison jerkey and more. 

Players can get ginger by harvesting herbs in various regions like Windsward Watchtower, Cooper's Ranch, and more. Here we have listed the locations to find ginger in New World easily.

Ginger locations in New World

Ginger is a rare cooking ingredient, so it can take some time to find enough of it, but these locations are your best bet in New World:

Windsward Watchtower

Players can find ginger on the bottom right side of Windsward Watchtower. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Cooper's Ranch

Ginger can be found on the right side of Cooper's Ranch near the road. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Secret Fishing Hotspot

Where to find Ginger in New World
Ginger can be found above the Secret Fishing Hotspot. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Willette's Homestead and Lifebloom

How to get Ginger in New World
Players can travel to Lifebloom to harvest herbs to get ginger. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Buccaneer Creek

How to get Ginger in New World
The last location on the list is near the river close to Buccaneer Creek. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Work orders, foods, and crafting components prepared using ginger will temporarily increase your minimum gear score while crafting armour and engineer items along with an increase in focus, constitution, dexterity, strength etc.

You can also have a look at the video uploaded by HTF Games Studio on YouTube:


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.