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New World player fishing trip turns into ghost ship discovery

Something eerie sails the waters in New World as one player discovered a ghost ship, and maybe, so can you!
New World player fishing trip turns into ghost ship discovery

The world of Aeternum is filled with vast open lands, stunning summits and hidden locales that can only be discovered through exploration. Sharing this information with fellow players through video captures and in-game photos has made exploration more interactive and exciting.

One player, however, may have stumbled onto something they may not have meant to find. What went from a simple day fishing to spotting the game’s most significant discovery, a ghost ship, as this player shared details of their encounter online.

Fishing for a ghost ship

Posted to the official New World Reddit forum this week, user lilpixieBA uploaded an accompanying video clip of their startling discovery. According to the user, they went out fishing on one particular day when they came across the ghost ship.

As they were about to cast their line into the waters, the user explained that this is where they made a ghastly revelation. Glowing fluorescent green in the misty distance, a ghost ship appeared before disappearing before their eyes.

As eerie as this may have been, the user was fortunate enough to have captured their spooky encounter before the ship vanished. The user subsequently uploaded the video to the New World’s Reddit forum which received plenty of upvotes and comments.

New world ghost ship how to find location fishing discovery
Redditors were shocked and surprised over the discovery of a ghost ship in New World. (Picture: Amazon games / lilpixieBA)

One Redditor shared that they too had spotted a ghost ship a few nights earlier, even comparing its discovery to the action-adventure game, Sea of Thieves. ”I saw it the other night while fishing in the same. Watched it for a minute or two, then it just vanished,” user Bremyn shared.

Another Redditor shared that they may be some lore attached to its appearance in this region. “Some mention of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship or something. I know one of the pages is on the second floor of the inn in First Light, near the bookcase; other pages are in the farms around the town,” user Frozad elaborated.

Where to find the ghost ship in New World

This ghost ship the Redditor makes mention of appears in the area near Cape Thomas Beach in the First Light region. Players would be pleased to know that there is a shrine in this area not far from the Fort in Elder’s Bluff.

The area is easily accessible to all players of every level as the region is one of the first available areas to explore when starting New World. First Light is also crawling with undead creatures and corrupted camps affiliated with one of the game’s antagonists, Isabelle.

New world ghost ship how to find location fishing discovery
The location of Cape Thomas Beach in First Light. (Picture: Amazon Games / Map Genie)

As the player base continues to grow, hopefully, the development team can resolve several vital issues plaguing the game. While we expect many to go looking for the mysterious ghost ship roaming the waters at First Light, we hope to expect a few more exciting discoveries from the New World community.


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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games / lilpixieBA.