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All Three Outlast Trials Endings, Explained

Here's everything you need to know about the endings to The Outlast Trials.
All Three Outlast Trials Endings, Explained
(Picture: Red Barrels)

The Outlast Trials is an intense and fun experience that can be enjoyed both solo or with a group of a few friends. If you've ever tried out the game, you might be wondering how it ends, or if you've gotten all of the possible endings. Here's how many endings there are in the Outlast Trials, and exactly what you can expect from each of them.

How Many Endings Does Outlast Trials Have?

At the time of writing there are three endings in The Outlast Trials. To achieve an ending in The Outlast Trials, you'll need to complete all of the game's trials and then become Reborn. Then, you'll see a unique cutscene.

Each time you are Reborn, for the first three times, you'll see a different ending. After that, you won't get any new content at the end of the game, but more will likely be added in the future. 

the outlast trials endings
There's more than one ending to The Outlast Trials. (Picture: Red Barrels)

All Outlast Trials Endings Explained

All the endings that have been in The Outlast Trials are:

Early Access Ending

In the game's very first ending, players wake up in their room with bloody hands and the sound of chaos on the street. They then pick up the phone to hear Dr. Easterman saying, "Spider, eye, lamb" - the sleeper agent activation words. Then, the screen goes black.

2nd Early Access Ending

In this ending, players end up behind the wheel of a car and discover a new reagent with a bomb strapped to it that they must disable. It was added with the Program Geister update.

V1.0 Ending

In the v1.0 ending, the player wakes upin a laboratory, and they hear scientists discussing the severity of their tumors, calling them the "fingerprints of a God." They also hear that the reagent has been taken to Colorado, suggesting that the ending may take place in the late '50s.

Each of the endings is entirely unique, making it more than worthwhile to complete the game more than once. As the endings' names imply, each one was added in a subsequent update to the game; only two endings were available during Early Access, but the new ending was also available in the full v1.0 release in March 2024.

Watch All Outlast Trials Endings

You can view all of the endings for yourself just below: