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Outriders: How to defeat Moldfang

Moldfang is another instalment in the Hunter questline in Outriders.
Outriders: How to defeat Moldfang

The Forest Enclave is one of the most dangerous locations in Outriders. There are creatures like the Chrysaloid waiting for you at the doorstep and other side quests that truly test your abilities. 

Unlike other locations in the game, the Forest Enclave features two Hunter quests, both of which are fairly difficult. The first, Splittooth, was covered in a previous article but the second, Moldfang, is on the docket for today. 

Defeating Moldfang in Outriders

To begin hunting Moldfang, you need to have completed most of the Forest Enclave quests. After you rescue Doctor Zahedi and start exploring the forest more after that you’ll stumble across the quest. We found it after starting “The Other Ingredient” side quest. 

At the waterfall basin fast travel point, you’ll find an animal carcass with a yellow exclamation point that will start the Moldfang hunt. 

Outriders moldfang
The start of the Moldfang hunt. (Picture: Square Enix)

After you’ve started the quest, enter the Moldfang area and begin fighting through the waves of perforo that are thrown at you. The perforo come at you in several waves along the path to Moldfang’s nest but eventually, you’ll make it there. 

One you reach the nest, you’ll need to fight several other perforo before focusing your efforts on Moldfang. It’s recommended to defeat every smaller perforo before fighting Moldfang, as they can be a real nuisance during the fight. 

After all of them are defeated, you want to start peppering shots into Moldfang’s head. It only has a couple of attacks, one of which is a close-range lunge that will take a huge chunk of damage. For this reason, it’s wise to stay as far away as possible from the creature. However, it will chase you down. 

Outriders Moldfang
Moldfang in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

If you have a class that has a magazine-boosting skill, we recommend popping this as much as possible. If not, then simply shooting at it with a rifle or submachine gun will do fine. Make sure to use your skills when it’s done using it attacks and then back away to fire at it again.

As long as you’re careful about your positioning and shoot at it consistently, Moldfang will go down fairly easily. Once it’s defeated, loot its body then return to Ujio in Trench Town for your reward.